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Ships Ahoy! A Sneak Peak at the Advanced Vessels Sailing the Seas of Grand Voyage
NGames combine fact & folklore with the ships designs of the new upcoming trading MMO

NGames, a leading online games publisher, is today excited to reveal some of the special ships players can sail in upcoming free-to-play epic trading MMO, Grand Voyage - coming soon to the online games portal.

Combing RPG and strategy gameplay, Grand Voyage takes players back to the late-Renaissance 16th century, when the Mediterranean, North Sea, and the Baltic coast were primed to become well developed maritime transport and trade ports - and everybody wanted to get rich from it. A lesson in history and trading as well as an action-packed game, Grand Voyage familiarizes players with the distinctive cities and foreign customs of the times, and provides plenty of opportunities for exciting sea battles!

Publisher NGames has today revealed a sneak peak at some of the more advanced ships available in the game, based on famous designs from real and fictional legends of yesteryear. Becoming a great voyager and conquering the seas requires a powerful fleet. Grand Voyage gives players a huge choice to build their oceanic team, from generic ships designed to carry resources and offer limited fire-power, to a range of special vessels with unique capabilities.

Davinci Airship
According to the drawing left behind by the famous inventor, Da Vinci's airship was smaller than the average ship - and came with a giant hot air balloon attached. The airship was capable of cruising through the ocean and the sky, giving the amphibious warfare ship powerful attack options.

Nautilus Submarine
Based on the fictional Captain Nemo's submarine from Jules Vernes 20'000 Leagues Under the Sea, the Nautilus was a great combination of speed and performance. The 70m long, 8m wide sub could reach 50 sea miles per hour, and was fully driven by electricity.

Battle Ship with Armour
Based on the British wooden battleship operation, this armoured juggernaut was formed by modifying the steam Ironclad. Recognised by its solid body, rapid speed, strong stability and devastating fire-power, the Armoured Battleship was the deserved maritime hegemony before the aircraft carrier was invented. China's "Dingyuan", "Zhenyuan", Germany's "Bismarck" and Japan's "Yamato" were all famous names of the seas.

Huge Luxurious Cruise Ship
As essential method of travel for those seeking comfort and luxurious living standards, Titanic-esque Cruise Ships sailed the Mediterranean and Caribbean seas while offering entertainment and sightseeing. Cruise Ships can accommodate many passengers, making them essential for busy ports with lots of people to transport.

Huge Ocean Going Freighter
Based on the vessel designed during the Age of Sail, the Huge Ocean Going Freighter was equipped with huge size, displacement and loading capacity. The area of the freight house took up 70% of the whole vessel, affording massive space for trading goods. The largest container vessel today is Evelyn Maersk of shipping giant AP Maersk Lines.

Ghost Ship
The Flying Dutchman was a legendary ghost ship that could never come back to the port, doomed to sail on the oceans forever. If hailed by another ship, the crew of the Flying Dutchman would try to send messages to land, or to people long dead. In ocean lore, the sight of this phantom ship was a potent of doom.

Grand Voyage is a new historical trading web MMO coming soon to the online games portal. Interested players can learn more by visiting the official site, and by following the game on Facebook and Twitter.

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