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Triple Ace Games is proud to announce the launch of its latest Kickstarter - Leagues of Gothic Horror.

Hi TAG fans,

Thanks to your generous support Leagues of Gothic Horror hit its base funding goal in three hours! We're now close to unlocking the first stretch goal - Guide to Apparitions.

There's still plenty of time to pledge, but we're running low of limited edition hardcovers already.

And don't forget, many pledge levels automatically get you stretch goals as the are unlocked and shipping is FREE!

Click here to visir the project page.

This 160-page sourcebook of Ubiquity-powered Gothic Horror, while designed for Leagues of Adventure, is compatible with Hollow Earth Expedition, Space 1889, andAll for One: Regime Diabolique.

Please note the Kickstarter has NO add-ons. Instead, pledging at certain levels automatically gives you any unlocked stretch goals in either PDF or print + PDF format, and we have six on offer - Guide to Apparaitions, Guide to Black Magic, Guide to Mummies, Guide to Shapeshifters, Guide to Vampires, and the Globetrotters' Guide to London.

And best of all, shipping is absolutely FREE to anywhere in the world, no matter the size of your reward bundle!

Please check out the Kickstarter page and help spread the word!

The Kickstarter for Leagues of Gothic Horror, the Ubiquity guide to all things Gothic Horror, has launched!

The book is available is PDF, softcover, and limited edition hardcover. If you're a bricks and mortar store, you can grab three copies of the hardcover, which won't be available through the retail channel, plus three copies of any unlocked stetch goals!

Within this 160 page book you will find:

▪ New Archetypes, Skills, Talents, Flaws, Leagues, and weird science devices specifically designed for those devoted to fighting the forces of darkness.

▪ Eight detailed player characters (with art) and eight henchmen ready to use straight from the book.

▪ Rules for horror, corruption, fortune-telling, occult grimoires, magic, and mentalism, plus an array of occult relics ranging in power from mere trinkets to potent items of myth and legend.

▪ Statistics and information on 38 fearsome monsters, 26 human lesser villains and heroic allies, 22 diabolical major villains, and 7 sinister cults.

▪ A tour of Gothic Horror locales around the world.

▪ Guidelines for running Gothic Horror adventures and generating a spooky atmosphere around the gaming table.

▪ Suggested styles for Gothic Horror games, sample campaign settings, and more adventure seeds.

▪ A timeline and Who's Who of Gothic Horror in the Leagues of Adventure setting.

▪ A list of literary, audio, and visual references for the budding Gothic Horror Gamemaster.The preview, including the video, is now available to peruse!

Click here to preview the Kickstarter project and watch the video.

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