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GOTHAM CITY IMPOSTORS is an action 1st person shooter which pits 2 sides against each other. One side dresses as Batman, the other side favours his nemesis, the Joker.
Hence the teams are called The Bats and The Jokerz.   The gameplay is frantic with up to 6 players per side running around the designated arena, which could be a town, a park,
an amusement park etc, all very tacky in design but with an atmosphere reminiscent of the early Batman TV series. 
There are 4 different game modes, Psych Warfare, Fumigation, Bounty Hunter, and Team Deathmatch, plus the Initiation (Tutorial), I have described these in little detail below.

To begin with there is the Tutorial, which here is labelled as INITIATION. If you haven't played GOTHAM CITY IMPOSTORS before then you should run through this and learn
how to use many of the available weapons and gadgets.


Although there are the four game modes, Gotham City Impostors gives its players the most fun, in my opinion, in the making of their characters. As you can see from the pictures
on this page (taken from the Images available via Google) the BATS and the JOKERZ come in all shapes and sizes and in all manner of Batman or Joker clothing. From the top to
their feet these characters can be dressed in some remarkable clothes - cowls, capes, gloves, boots, trousers, insignia and hair styles - for males or females.


TEAM DEATHMATCH: In  this battle arena game your mission is to kill the opposition players as fast as possible.

FUMIGATION:  This game is a bit like Capture the Flag with the exceptions that you are capturing Gas Blasters and not having to take them back to your stronghold. Instead you
must defend them until all three have reached 100% gas level. The team that fails are either swarmed by bats (if the Bats win), or suffocated by a poison cloud (if the Jokerz win).


PSYCH WARFARE: This is another Hold and Defend mission. The teams have to bring a battery back to their base and defend it until the attached machine brainwashes and demoralises
the other team. 

BOUNTY HUNTER:  To win this game you have to collect the Tokens (coins) dropped by either the opposition or your own team mates as they die. By picking up those from your fallen
team mates you prevent the opposition from gaining Victory Points.

There is also an option entitled CHALLENGES. This is where you play alone, well against yourself, using gadgets and earning extra experience.

Both teams, the BATS and the JOKERZ, have many options for character customisation. Once you have selected and dressed your character you can run through the body sizes and shapes
to see what they all look like before making your final decision and beginning to play.

There are 9 choices of each clothing type, that is 9 Cowls, 9 Insignia, 9 Capes etc., but not all of them are available to begin with, some need to be unlocked by progressing. The names given
to the clothing types are amusing, as indeed are the clothing styles themselves. I am not going to name every piece of clothing for both sides but feel that I should give you a few of them so you
can sense the depth and manner of humour that runs through the game.

The BATS (the lists below are incomplete and give just a taster)
COWLS: NFL style Helmets, Rubber Balaclava, a Gimp Mask, a Cardboard Box painted blue and with eye holes cut out.
INSIGNIA: Brown paper drawing held on the chest by tape, a Tie (Business Bat), a Celtic Bat etc.
CAPE: Vampire Cape, Butt-Kicker Slicker, Triumphant Towel, Reign of Justice (Wings) .......
TORSO: Naked Aggression, Diablo Azul, Vest of Vengeance, Tour de Pain....
HANDS: (Gloves) Goon Pruners, Supernova Gauntlets, Joker Choker.....
LEGS:  Breezy Bat, Urban Ultimatum, Luchaleggien (leather), Kilted Crusader, Knight's Nest (almost a G-String)...
FEET:  Side Kicks (Trainers), Tecnico Toes (Boots), Comfy Crusaders (Bunny-Ear Slippers)....

The JOKERZ  (the lists below are incomplete and give just a taster)
HAIR:  Grinnin' Fin, El Matador, Spiky, Pony Tail, Cutthroat Coif .....
FACE PAINT:  El Muerte, Diamond Child, Serial Clown. Some are made-up in the style of Alice Cooper and Kiss ....
FLAIR:  Uptown Clown, Classic, Pocket Payola, plus 3 with different Flowers and 1 with a Feather Boa....
TORSO: Jockular (Tan & Black Leather Jacket), Mad Pads (Elbow pads), Mucho Macho (like a Circus Strongman's leotard)...
HANDS: Mischievous Mittens (knitted gloves), Witty Whackers, Slap Happies....
LEGS:  Dubious Drawers (shorts), Curtain Call (Kilt), Gusty Giggles (Kilt),  Clown Cargo pants ....
FEET: Jack-in-the-Boots, Banzai Bunnies (Bunny Slippers) Big Tops.....

You can create your own Calling Cards by using the Backgrounds available and later on those unlocked, similarly the character's Catchphrase.

Fun, frenetic, manic, lots of running around, very much like most arena shooter games but with the panache of the Super-Hero and Super-Villain, though maybe not so super in either case.



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