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GOLIATH:  Octopus Tree/Whalebox


GOLIATH begins with a plane crash, with you and your co-pilot side by side heading downwards at a desperate speed to certain death. Then you wake up, on the floor of a jungle, alone and next to a burning fuselage; this certainly ain't Kansas !!

You get up and take a few steps North, and not long afterwards a large Rabbit comes running by, it looks at you and hops on its merry way. You wander around and become curious in a large-beaked bird that is minding its own business. Moving closer to the bird it suddenly attacks you, calling on its local family to come along and feast on your body - okay they don't actually eat you but it was the first (of many) times I died on this adventure, killed by a flock of these fast-to-attack birds. Having got my bearings, learned how to cut trees, collect twigs, gems, logs and plants, I searched the burning plane and discovered via the somehow still working radio that my co-pilot, Dave, had been on this planet and had moved on via a Portal.

I began to pick the birds off from a distance with a gun - that took me a while to figure out (possibly because I was still bemused at being on a different planet - yes I finally figured out I had somehow gone through a temporal planetoral warp of some type). Seriously this is an unbelievably unusual game.  It uses the regular WASD for movement and E for Action plus there are 4 item spots Z X V C where you can place useful things you collect ready for instant use (healing for example). Oh yes, you can always turn invisible for a short time. This is most useful when you are being attacked because generally whatever is killing you can no longer see you and so they stop - this is where you need to slip off quietly otherwise if you are still close when invisibility runs out the attack will continue - I know because I tried it.

The map (M) will show you where you are and where other places and resources are, especially where chests are located and opening these, after fighting you way to them, you get all manner of useful and not always useful (at the time) items. 

I discovered I could build a camp and a campfire and then by using items and resources I had collected and placing them on the fire I created new items, some of which are needed to craft other things; such as for each Log or Twig you burn you gain 1 Coal. I also found out that in the camp (which is quite roughly a tent) I could craft - a long list of possible useful things and the ingredients/resources required. Once you figure out the three Cs, Collecting, Creating and Crafting, you can begin to gain experience and then make different and more useful items. 

A short journey to the North and I found a blue circle in which there were three different chests, a teleport machine (which I didn't have the correct resources to use to begin with) and a huge wooden contraption. Examining this contraption I found out how to make a Mech (well a wooden Mech) and by standing on the pad and clicking the mouse I was in the Mech and off to adventure and explore from the safety of my new wooden armour. I was soon brought down to earth when me in my wooden warrior met up with a much higher level creature. Two hits later and I was wearing matchsticks, the third hit and I was waking up, several days later; in fact everytime I died I woke up several days later - I must have spent months sleep-healing on the first part of this adventure.

Seriously though, this is freakin' awesome. It's a MMO and an arcade game with platform style puzzles and action/adventure puzzles. When you get the Portal working there are lots of other places to visit, plus you are always being given new missions and quests to keep you focussed. Well crafted, well thought and beautifully animated (with exceptional characters) GOLIATH is a great reason to ensure you have STEAM on your PC.






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