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Hybrid Strategy Game from Former Epic Games and Marvel Studios Talent Combines Real-Time Strategy with Card Battler Elements for Fast-Paced Arcane Warfare

APEX, NC (MARCH 28, 2018) - Laser Guided Games LLC — an independent developer made up of industry veterans from Epic Games — and Hollow Earth Inc., the studio responsible for character design in blockbuster Marvel films Black Panther, Spider-Man: Homecoming and the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War, are proud to officially launch today their dark fantasy real-time strategy game Golem Gates on Steam for Windows PC! Golem Gates is a wholly original strategy game set within a lore-rich world where players can experience a thrilling single-player campaign and go to war online with and against friends. 

“We’re beyond excited to launch Golem Gates today and introduce a game that we feel will resonate with a variety of strategy game fans,” said Matt Oelfke, Founder and Lead Developer at Laser Guided Games. “Our four months in Steam Early Access enabled us to shape this original concept into an approachable yet layered experience that anyone can learn. We’re excited to say hello to new players and show existing owners of Golem Gates just what we’ve accomplished thanks to their help.”

“From the beginning, we knew that we wanted Golem Gates to stand out,” said Josh Nizzi, Head of Hollow Earth Inc. “Together Laser Guided Games and Hollow Earth crafted a game that not only has unique gameplay mechanics but is set within a world steeped in mystery and lore. Players are in for some big surprises throughout the campaign. We look forward to hearing what they think!”

Set within a desolate land ravaged by ancient wars, Golem Gates sees players embark on a quest for redemption as The Harbinger. He of unknown origin is an outcast in a world shrouded in living darkness, cursed by a corrupting force known as the Unbound. When a voice reaches from the unknown, The Harbinger awakes to learn his purpose: to destroy the Golem Gates. Imbued with power over The Ash — nanites which permeate the atmosphere — The Harbinger manifests a legion of war machines known as golems which he commands. Lead him to his destiny; end the reign of the Unbound, crush the Golem Gates and reclaim life itself.

Golem Gates uniquely combines real-time strategy with card battler elements for quick, accessible gameplay that emphasizes visceral combat without sacrificing player-driven strategy. Players collect cards (called Glyphs) and strategically weave them into a deck, enabling full customization of their unit and support loadouts ahead of battle. The Harbinger is a ruthless commander, meaning battles are fast-paced and require on-the-fly tactical decisions to decimate the opposition. In addition to an epic single-player campaign and remixed mission objectives in the form of Trials, players can take their glyph decks online in various competitive and cooperative multiplayer modes. 

Key Features:
Behold the launch trailer for Golem Gates here:

GOLEM GATES is a Real Time Action strategy and campaign adventure on Steam. It is published by Laser Guide Games and Hollow Earth

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For the record the screenshots on this page have been taken from the "images of Golem Gates" on Google. This is because every "Print Screen" (screenshot) I took while playing came out as a jet black rectangular shape, no detail whatsoever. 

You are the Harbinger. It is your job to select your troops and weapons to defeat each of the Golem Gates. It is regaled as a card driven collecting game with similarities to Hearthstone but maybe I am missing something but I don't see it as such. In fact if I hadn't read about it being card driven I wouldn't even have known about it supposedly card based (I somehow managed to miss the part of the screenshot that says "Starter Deck"). The game is driven by magical glyphs cast by the Harbinger. These glyphs can create warrior units which can be positioned to either protect the Harbinger or used to march forward to defeat the protectors of the Golem Gates. They can also cast spells such as fireballs and set traps for the enemy to stumble into.

Deciding when to use and which of the available glyphs is a major part of the game. As you progress so more glyphs become available, giving you more of a varied choice. The glyphs are shown at the bottom of your screen in large enough to see icons which makes a change from so many games where the icons for actions etc are so small you cannot recognise ones that are similar in design. From the beginning you have Turrets you can place that shoot plasma (or something) or fire when enemies are in range, plus there are smaller Turrets that Heal friendly units within range without having to be clicked on to activate.

In the bottom right of your screen there is a mini map which is mostly plain black, the exceptions being the Harbinger's base and the enemy positions as well as each Golem Gate as your units get close enough. I really like the fact that once you have produced what you consider to be enough warrior/hunter units you can band them all together (in fact you can band all units of yours together by one key-press) and then right click on the spot on the mini-map where you want them to go, and off they travel - you don't have to keep moving them along one click at a time. Naturally if they meet any unforeseen resistance on the way they will act against it; not blindly trying to continue on their journey.

On arrival at the location they are sent to your Warriors will either initiate combat with any enemies they encounter or they will stand and await your input. Just above the glyphs is an energy bar (    ) No! not one of those energy bars (although it might work quicker), but instead a constantly moving graphic that shows how much energy you have to cast the glyphs. You can, in fact, cast a glyph when your energy is low, but it doesn't take effect until there is enough energy to cast it, at which time it automatically does your bidding. Some area effect glyphs and those that require placement of units etc can be cancelled by a right-mouse-button-click, then no energy is expelled.

Because the energy bar (think of it as Mana for casting spells etc) almost exhausts each time you cast a glyph, different glyphs either use less mana or the bar refreshes quicker (or seems to), it stops you from simply tapping the casting button continually firing off spells. You have to wait for the bar to refresh, but this isn't the only drawback in play for when you have used/played the last glyph from your hand there is a reasonable (it doesn't seem that reasonable while you are waiting) amount of time before the glyphs are mixed and a handful put back into play for you to use. During this period your Harbinger is virtually useless which is why you need to have him strongly protected at all times.

 This is a Golem Gate

My understanding is that in the version I am playing there are four or five Golem Gates through which creatures can emerge to destroy everything they come into contact with and thus it is your job as the Harbinger, the powerful security guard, to prevent this by destroying the Golem Gates before too many creatures have got through. 

The land in which you live is desolate and ravaged by ancient wars, you are the Harbinger, an outcast with the ability to manipulate and command nanites from ‘The Ash’– a leftover power manifesting itself in your barren world’s atmosphere. Ancient creature-like warrior machines (aka Golems) spawn from Golem Gates while you are compelled to save humanity from them by an unseen power or force. Within ‘The Ash’ there is a massive power that the Harbinger can utilise to battle the golems and learn the secrets and mysteries of their long-lost creators.

To discover the locations of enemy camps and other Golem Gates the Harbinger has a homing bird that perches on his shoulder until you send it off to scout. The bird isn't much of a fighter so should be kept away from combat whenever possible. Your Harbinger begins with the current max of energy but as they build and fight then the capability to hold more opens up and more mana/energy becomes available. With this new boost in energy comes a big boost in powerful glyphs and the number you can cast, so in a way it's a little like a role-play game where the more things you do the higher (better/level) it gets.

GOLEM GATES is quite a deep, dark, mysterious game, not dark in the Noir genre but more like a black fantasy with an additional twist of stygian evil. The spawn is relentless and if you aren't on top of your game they will overrun you. Even from the beginning you have to be on your toes as if you wait too long the spawn will come to you and then, more often than not, it's too late to create enough back-up. Speaking of which I have found that leaving the Harbinger defended by Turrets alone isn't a good idea, you need some units that are mobile. 

Like many strategy games balance is a necessity; balancing your units between defending your base (if your Harbinger is defeated you lose) and having enough strength for attacking the enemy and destroying the Golem Gates is imperative. Although it is a strategy game it is also real time so you have very little room to plan ahead once the golems start arriving. I have not got that far into it as my Harbinger is continually being overrun but I am looking now at it as not just an adventure game or fantasy based campaign but also a challenge and a puzzle. I have tried various tactics, each time beginning with different glyphs for my first creations and still I am coming a cropper after defeating the first Gate. This is not a fault in the game it is a fault in my personal tactical brilliance (it's more dim than bright).

Combat comes fast and often in waves so it's excellent programming that allows the player to either take hold of a unit and send them against an enemy or let your forces fight the enemy as they come. I have yet to see a battle in Golem Gates where a unit, single or multi, stands around watching the proceedings while the fight is going on, they get stuck in to the nearest enemy and fight to the finish. As I said, the player can give orders to a unit or units and they will react to them as soon as is sensibly possible. It is not like a wargame where you have to command hundreds of troops in numerous squadrons, battalions and so on and so forth, but you do have to manage split forces which is quite a difficult, interesting and enjoyable proposition.

There is a lot of game in GOLEM GATES but there is also a lot more than just the single player campaign. For instance there is the multiplayer battle arena which is an online variation as well as cooperative and card/glyph battles which are strategic actions of tactical resource management. Playing against opposition in multiplayer games means that you really do have to protect your Harbinger with traps, Turrets (Turrets are canon/laser/plasma firing weapons not repetitive swear words - although if you haven't protected your leader well enough some of those "naughty" words may well be in the air), and armed units.

I believe that Golem Gates is fully available from March 28th


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