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GOETIA on Steam from Square Enix


Okay so you are Abigail Blackwood and you are returning to the family home, Blackwood Manor, after being away for 40 years but this time you have recently risen from the grave and you are a ghost. But why are you here ? What reasons can there be for pulling you out of ever-lasting slumber ? Surely not just to haunt your old haunt, so as to speak ?

GOETIA is a point and click, find and operate, game with an eerie atmosphere that sends a cold misty glow from your monitor down to your keyboard where your fingers slow down and turn blue with the cold. (Okay I made that last bit up - but it would be true if you were playing outdoors on a laptop in Iceland or somewhere like that; England perhaps ?).

There are five Demons, Malphas, Bune, Paimon, Faras and Naberius, who have been mysteriously summoned to the castle like manor and whom you will encounter on your search through the Grande old place as you activate items and objects to draw the Demon's attentions to you. 

Odd items are hidden in odd places and there may even be something behind the items when you have carefully lifted them from their resting place. You can float from room to room, opening doors if necessary (unless they are locked and then even as a ghost you cannot get through them) and you can, at certain points, float up through the ceiling to the room below or down through the floorboards to the room below. Unfortunately you cannot carry objects or items previously found through the walls, so any item found on a level must be used on that level unless you can find a way of transporting it upstairs or downstairs - speaking of stairs there are stairs that you can use (bit of a hint there).

There are many books and pieces of paper that have secret or hidden meanings and messages and it is often through these that a puzzle may be solved. The game moves at the pace you want it to. You are not on a timer and there is so much to explore that it is well worth spending the time doing just that. Of course the easy way is to flip the cursor around the room until it changes into a useful icon (an eye for looking at an item etc) but although that is often the case in point and click games in GOETIA if you do that you will lose the beauty, charm and mystery the creator has injected.

GOETIA may not have the depth of story or insanity of Lovecraft but it is a super telling of a creepy Victorian story with some easily explained happenings and some eerie occurrences and as the main protagonist you get to do things in your own time and at a speed that suits your own personal style.

Blackwood Manor itself is huge with many rooms, nooks and crannies to investigate, plus it is surrounded by ruins, woods, caves and even an abandoned village, all of which play a part or two in the unfolding story. A thorough search will find you a map of Blackwood Manor with the rooms where the Demons are clearly marked. Whether you trust the map's Demon information or not it is a good reference for finding your way around and immediately knowing which room you are in or are approaching. Unfortunately you cannot (or at least I haven't yet found a way) hold the map and see the game screen at the same time so my advice is to do what I did and make a small scribbled diagram of the map on a piece of paper and refer to that. There are walkthroughs and cheats online, particularly on YouTube. I tell you that so if you get stuck you don't just give up. It really is worth it to carry through to the end.

Altogether now, to the tune of the Addam's Family:
It's eery and it's creepy, don't play it when you're sleepy, cos it might make you weepy, the Blackwood Family Home
It looks like a museum, there's Demons, you will see them, they're bound to make you scree - um, in the Blackwood Family Home

GOETIA will run easily on Win 7 with an intel core 2 DUO 2GHz  or AMD Athlon TMX2  2.2GHz with 2GB RAM. Most Graphics cards of that era will suffice but you will need 7GB of Hard Drive for the installation.

GOETIA uses point and click for movement but you are moving a ball of light (your spirit) around and it is not as quick as you may be with the cursor, so be sure to wait for it to catch up before you activate or try to activate a switch etc.








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