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HARRY & JUDY team up to clear out the devillish infestation in what appears to be an immensely spiffing and expensively decorated Mansion.

These devils have angelic wings but demonic tempers which is probably why Harry (an Angel) and Judy (a Demon) are powerful enough to defeat them.


Playing solo you start off with Harry but after a short while, and too many deaths to count, a Press of 'Q' and zap! you are Judy. As a 2-player game you each play one of the heroic duo.

I cannot recall too much about the gameplay except that it used WASD for movement with the [Spacbar] for bashing through doors and sliding. Fighting for the white-garbed Harry (LMB or RMB) is a Holy Sword (of Divinity, of Justice or of whatever you want it to be - it's only in your mind anyway) whilst the delectable Judy, in blood red attire, fires jets of flame swiftly across the room and moves through closed doors and panels [Space] with either brute force or as if a portal has opened and let her through.


Get used to seeing the "YOU'RE DEAD: Press [R] to Restart" screen because this is a one-hit-kill game. You hit an enemy once and they are dead, they hit you once and you are dead. Luckily when you die you don't go back to the start of the adventure (as the "Restart" suggests) but only to outside of the room you just entered and died in.

As Judy you can move fast, sliding across the floor letting loose your fireballs, though as you have a ranged attack you are better annoying them so that they come on to you - if they cannot get close to you they cannot hit/kill you.


Harry needs to stay at sword point distance and hit the abominations before they close in; if 2 of them get close to you only death for you  occurs.


I played for just over 30 minutes. Certainly not anywhere near as long as I would accept as good enough for a review, but the deaths come so quick that there is no time for thought and thus for me no time for enjoyment, it's just move kill (or die) move kill or die and more move kill (or die); not my sort of game I am sorry to say.

However, players who do like games that are on a knife-edge of speed will find this one of the most exciting action-filled entertainments to have appeared on the PC (via STEAM), it's manic!


Played from a top-down view and mostly scrolling up and down the rooms and hallways of the Mansion/Estate are magnificently designed and thus graphically beautiful. Some of the interior walls appear to be damaged but curiously don't give way when they are struck by Harry's Sword or Judy's fireballs, and even Judy's ability to 'teleport' doesn't work on them, though she can get through other places that look impassable.

My 30 minutes play was not fun, it was exhausting. I kept going, having died 10-20 times in the first 5 minutes, because I thought the further I went there would be more options and different things to do; there may well be, but I never got far enough to find out. The one hit, one kill may be more realistic than having N hit points and being able to carry on as if nothing had happened  even when down to one final HP, but it isn't as much fun. It turns the game into a series of move, fight, die, move fight win, move, fight, die, move fight win [wash, rinse, repeat]. Frustrating and repetitive!

I believe this is the type of game that is known as a 'Marmite', it is either loved or disliked. Thus as I said it's not for me, but it will command a lot of playtime and respect from a large number of extremely dextrous games players; they will lap this up, fly through it, and reach the end with barely a scratch. To those players I say "Go For It!"

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