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The version/edition I have for review comes from MORNING PLAYERS.   £14.00 UK price
It is in a solid card sliding draw style box which safely holds the cards from damage when not in use.

The rules, as I understand from online photos, are in a small booklet that fits neatly into the box on top of the cards (I have a pdf which prints out 12 pages of A4. Not ideal as they do not fit into the box but they are easy to read and show the illustrations very clearly). For a simple card game there are many pages of text and illustration, but once learned and played a few times it is unlikely that you will need to read the rules booklet again.

Be ready to have sore hands, for this is a game where you are going to be slapping the table a lot. 

First glances can be misleading, and indeed with this game they are. The cards depict Gorillas (more on them later) but mainly Flies, Chameleons and Snakes. The Chameleons eat the Flies, and the Snakes eat the Chameleons and the Flies keep out of the way if they can - so first impressions are that it is a Paper, Scissors, Stone game, which it is not.

The deck of square cards are shuffled and dealt out equally between the players. These separate decks are left face down in front of the players so that there is enough room to flip the top cards one at a time away from the player. Then in player order the cards are flipped over one at a time and GOBBIT descends (or ascends - as you feel) into a gigantic game of SNAP! (well almost!).

The first player's first card has nothing to compare it to and thus it is a free play. From the second player onwards you have to be ready to either defend or attack depending on the card drawn, but you can only attack on your turn, though you will be defending out of turn. The cards are played on top of each other in their separate stacks so that only the top card on display of each stack is in play.

To defend you slap your hand down on your own card before it is attacked by another player's card - one just played. For example if your card shows Blue Flies and another player flips over a Blue Chameleon you must quickly slap your hand on your Flies (making sure that the Flies you hit are on the cards and not the Flies on your jeans or this could become a very painful game, well at least more painful than it already is). The player who turned over the Blue Chameleon will also be trying to slap their hand on your Flies - sit as close to the table as you can to prevent permanent damage (this explanation is getting as silly and as much fun as the game is) because the Blue Chameleon can eat the Blue Flies. The player that slaps first gets to pick up the card they slapped and all the cards underneath it and add them to the bottom of their own deck.

If you slap the wrong card, such as the Player turnes over a RED Chameleon and then the same or the other player slaps the BLUE Flies, a FOUL has been committed and the player who committed the Foul loses all the cards in front of them - they are removed from the game. The winner is the player who has cards left when all the others have not.

The GORILLA comes into the "Additional Rules" but it is well worth having it in from the off. For one thing it saves you having to go through the deck and remove all the Gorilla cards, and for another it adds a good fun aspect to the play, plus its inclusion doesn't complicate matters in any way.

When a GORILLA is flipped over every player (except the one who flipped the Gorilla) has to quickly defend the cards in front of them no matter what colour or creature is shown on them. The player who flipped the Gorilla has to speedily shoot out their hands and try to successfully attack the stacks of any of the other players - 2 hands lets you attack 2 player's stacks (if you have three hands then you get an extra attack). If the Gorilla player is quick enough or the Defenders too slow and successful attacks or single attack is made then the deck slapped is removed from play to the graveyard (out of the game).

The GORILLA is my personal BugBear. Every time one flips over I sit there thinking "now what does that do?" by which time the cards in front of me are on their way to the Graveyard.

GOBBIT is a crazy, funny, silly, daft, loopy game. It last 5-15 minutes, can be played by anyone of an age to play Snap! There are 54 cards including 3 Gorillasand cards with two colours of Flies which are vulnerable to attacks from Chameleons of the two colours depicted.This is a fun game to be played anytime you have the space and the inclination for some dopey fun.

If you decide to look GOBBIT up on line, particularly using the (in)famous Google, you will almost certainly get umpteen links to site for the Hobbit, but persevere the Gobbit sites are out there.


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