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GIRL FIGHT is a console battle arena game. The combatants are all girls, mostly wearing paramilitary gear or
very little - so little according to the censors that they have given this a 17+ years and upwards certificate and
ensured that a warning about Nudity and Violence comes up loud and clear onscreen almost as soon as you boot
the game up.


In arcade mode you begin with a character and go straight into the arena - the arena being one of many different
combat areas defined by its background. Then a screen pops up with 7 other girls, in various costumes, and one
of them flickers and fades then appears in the same arena as your lady. However, oops I forgot this part, you do
get to choose two special abilities - attacks, defences or heals etc - one for each trigger. Your opponent will also
have two skills, maybe the same as yours or maybe different.


Each fight is the best of 3 and as long as you win 2 of them you get to fight the next girl and then the next until
you have beaten all of them. Then you are given a winning fee in $dollars which you can spend on new abilities
or updating those that you have. You can still only choose two of your abilities, though if you updated rather than
learned a new one the update is automatic. Each update gives you an extra advantage, such as a percentage rise
in the damage you do or the chance you have of a successful attack.

The screenshots on this page show the maximum degree of nudity that I have discovered (and believe me I looked :-) )
apart from a still shot of your character naked on an ammo box and holding a large gun - showing less than Miley Cyrus
on her wrecking ball - that pops up at the end of each round of combats. The game is a continuous display of wrestling
ju-jitsu and other martial arts mixed with special super powers (steelskin, flamebody, ground smash etc) and for a short
while it is fun, and then it becomes a chore-bore.

This sort of side-scrolling battle game has been around since the birth of consoles and can be found in most amusement
arcades across the western world. The creators have decided that instead of scantily dressed animé style characters or large
horned scaly monsters they would have girls and they have hung their hats on that being enough to boost this game from
mediocrity - but to be honest if you've played one of these games in my opinion that's one enough.

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