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GIPFELSTÜRMER (Mountain Conqueror)

A Race to Conquer the High Peak for 2-4 Mountain Goats Aged 8+

Published by AMIGO and Designed by Friedemann Friese (2F Games)

This is a race game that cleverly uses Yahtzee dice style results to move your team of Mountain Goats up the rocky paths to the peak of the highest mountain. Known locally as Mount Friese.

Each player has a team of 5 Goats of which they need to get two to the top before any other player. At the base camp there are several paths leading up to the peak but all are fraught with the danger of needing different results on the roll of 5 dice for you to progress.

From Camp Friese there are five paths. The farthest left hand path requires all five dice to have a result of 15 or lower for your Goat to climb. The next path requires that you roll three dice the same but only 1s, 2s and 3s count, the fourth path is similar except you need 4s, 5s and 6s. The far right path needs a result of 20 or higher on the 5 dice. The central path only requires you to roll two pair. Other paths include requiring a Full House (3 + 2), a 5 or a 4 die run, four of a kind and, of course, to reach the top you need a Yahtzee (5 of a Kind) or a push from an upcoming friendly Goat.

All of these paths lead to a large camp where any number of Goats can rest. If you have two Goats on one of these and you move a third one onto it you push one of your Goats up to the next camp. If you have placed your goats cleverly it is possible to create a chain reaction whereby you push one goat up who then pushes another one onwards.

Some of the camps are one Goat only areas and you can push your own Goat upwards off this space or you can push an opponent’s Goat down the stream to the next space (which may cause a downward chain reaction).

Each space requires a different dice result and at some camps the path splits to give you options. There are 4 spaces before the peak, the fifth space up. Once your Goat reaches the Top you flip over your marker to show you have made the peak once. Then when an opponent’s Goat reaches the top they exchange places with you and you get your Goat back at the Base camp to help your other Goats.

The first player to get two Goats to the peak wins.

Like all good Yahtzee games you get three rolls of the dice, putting aside which ever dice you want to save on the first two rolls, but having to keep whatever your final (third roll) result is and work off that. If you haven’t managed to get a result to move one of your Goats then you have to push one of them all the way down to the Base camp at the start.

The Yahtzee/Greed style mechanic makes for excellent family games as well as being light entertainment for strategy minded players.

 GIPFELSTÜRMER can be found on the internet for around £16.00 which is a very good price for a very good game.

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