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Ghostly Ghouls & Growth - Two Top Events Available Now in Cyber Monster II
Halloween arrives early in NGames' new pet collecting fantasy MMO sequel

Halloween can be hell, but it can also be a time for free goodies! NGames, a leading online games publisher and developer, has today detailed two new events for pet collecting fantasy MMO sequel, Cyber Monster II. The Halloween Carnival and Paragon Growth events are available now, giving beta players tons of free gifts and a chance to win a brilliant new pet.

Currently in open on the online games portal, Cyber Monster II takes place hundreds of years after the events of the original Cyber Monster, when the return of ferocious dragons threatens the new found peace of the Nezor continent. With new gameplay mechanics based on the latest browser-based technologies, a plethora of new pets to collect, and vibrant new graphics that deliver an eye-popping experience, Cyber Monster II expands on everything players loved about the original Cyber Monster adventure.

Halloween has arrived early in Cyber Monster II, scaring players with an exciting new Halloween Carnival event running all day, everyday until midnight October 31st.

Daring to visit the Carnival and tackle the horrific bosses will see brave adventurers rewarded with Extra Rich Toffee packs, containing anything from perfect dragon blood and packs of crystals, to ultra rare rings and gems. Players wanting to test their luck without entering battle can win big at the Carnival too; spending coupons on a Lucky Toffee Pack could see adventurers bag anywhere between 10-100 toffees - a big time and money saver.

And the fun doesn't stop there. To celebrate the launch of a new Cyber Monster II server, S8 Heracle's Task, NGames has also launched a massive three week multi-server Paragon Growth event, giving players the chance to bag tons of free items and a brand new pet, just for playing the game.

Paragon Growth adds a variety of ongoing mini-events to many of Cyber Monster II's best features, allowing adventurers to earn extra rewards. Events include:

Players will also win awards for regularly consuming coupons during the Paragon Growth event, and can take advantage of a massive 50%-off sale in the item store.

It's party time in Cyber Monster II! To join the open beta fun,interested gamers can head over to the Cyber Monster II website and register for free now:


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