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Ghost Writer: A Leagues of Gothic Horror Adventure

An Angry Ghost Will Be Denied Credit No Longer!

A lost tale from the Bard resurfaces, but it produces not only a play but also a vengeful ghost! The clock is ticking as the intrepid globetrotters try to discover why this apparition haunts and kills those involved. If they don't solve the mystery quickly, then the globetrotters may count themselves amongst the victims!

From the warped imagination of renowned RPG author and long-time TAG friend Walt Ciechanowski (Paris Gothique & Le Mousquetaire Déshonoré for All for One: Régime Diabolique) comes a 55-page spine-tingling adventure for Leagues of Gothic Horror!

As well as the usual print and PDF rewards, there are two opportunities to become a bit player in this wicked tale!

Launching at 8 a.m. on September 4, 2018

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