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Anja Wrede & Christophe Cantzler
A 10-15 Minute Game for 2-4 Five year olds and their parents or elder siblings

This game carries the acclaimed NORIS spiel Logo (rather than the ZOCH zum Spielen logo - also part of Noris) as although this is a children's game that could proudly wear the Zoch logo it is not one that is found to also have core-gamer strategy possibilities as many Zoch games have.

It is however, a whole lot of silly fun, and is best played game after game,three rounds at a time - each round lasting 2-3 minutes generally - with young kids who squeal happily and cannot hide (or do not try to hide) their delight at the games' madcap antics (in fact it gets so infectious that adults cannot help but join in and be happy).

The game has a large plastic built clock that takes 3 x AA batteries (not included) and sits neatly in the box base where a moulded inner has been purposefully designed to take it. Around one edge of the clock is found a pull-out draw in which the hand of the clock rests safely until you are ready to begin playing. This box swings out freely and clicks back securely without any visible sign of a lock. The Clock Hand is hinged in the centre so that it can swing back and forth, never remaining rigid like a regular clock hand. This hand is positioned in the centre of the clock face by an hexagonal design on its non-pointing end, it is the nub that it fits over that agitates back and forth when the motor is switched on (on/off switch on the base of the clock) and the centrally located button is pressed, causing the clock hand to swing back and forth, knocking the majority of the Ghosts off the clock and into the void.


Each player has a set of Ghosts, identified by colour, which once the clock hands have begun to move are placed one at a time, but not in player order, (everyone plays at the same time) onto the clock face. Once they are placed they may not be touched again but the players can wait for as long as they wish to place them as long as the clock's alarm hasn't sounded - the ghostly, hollow, ghoulish, vibrating ring of the alarm brilliantly adds to the eerie atmosphere, the kids love it, (and to be honest it brings a smile to my face as well) plus it signifies the end of the Round. The player who has the most Ghosts remaining on the clock face wins the Round, equal numbers or everyone with none is an automatic tie.  There are a few rules for placing the Ghosts - no standing them up, none placed on other Ghosts, not putting them on the clock hand or arm being a few of them.


Highly recommended for a short laugh-filled 10 minutes with giggly kids (or just daffy adults like me).


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