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Dave Chalker
Mayday Games
2-6 Players Aged 8+   Plays in 10-20mins
6 Dismemberable Robot Figures
43 Playing Cards  +  1  Shark
This race game reminds me of an old game from way back, Man Eater I believe it was called. The similarities are there to see, plastic figures whose arms and legs can be removed, a plastic shark and a race for survival.
The Robots are randomly laid on the table in a line, head to feet, with the Shark behind the last one. Each player is given a set of cards in the same colour as their chosen Robot.
For each round the players secretly select a card and these are all revealed at the same time. The player who has played the lowest number moves their Robot to the front of the line, then the next lowest etc. If players play cards with the same number then their Robots do not move. The Robot at the back, closest to the Shark, loses a limb (arm or leg) and the players select their next card. The game continues in this manner until all bart one of the Robots has lost all 4 limbs - then the Shark has a full tummy and swims away.
Variants lengthen the game with hands and feet adding to the limb count.
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