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The powerful line of Pegasus Games will be honored at the German game prize 2014 - Istanbul receives "Silver Medal", Love Letter and Camel Up to land at No. 4 and 5

Friedberg, September 16, 2014: Since 1990, every year decide player, dealer, game critics and experts with a vote on the winners of the German Game Prize. With the already award-winning, strong titles this season also Pegasus Spiele is represented on the leaderboard now published - and with more games than any other publisher.

The "experts Game of the Year" 2014 Istanbul found among respondents with great approval and thus secured the 'Silver Medal' of the German Game Prize. Landed just behind the minimalist Card Game Love Letter in fourth place. They succeeded for the first time since the 90's a little game to place yourself in the top 5 of the price. Continue to be represented are the "Game of the Year" 2014 Camel Up (# 5) and at the "connoisseur Game of the Year" in 2014 nominated Rococo (8th place), both eggertspiele of editorial partners.

With this success when voting games of different experts and aficionados once the strong year of Pegasus Games was appreciated more. The German game prize 2014 will be presented on October 15, 2014 in Europe Hall of fair food in a festive evening. All titles can be played from 16 to 19 October 2014 under the SPIEL'14 at the booth of Pegasus Games (3-M110).

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