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GEMINI WARS from ICEBERG Interactive  has the following key factors according to the creators: 3 unique factions, with different units and strategies.

Epic single player campaign.
Ability to control fleets of starships, space stations and planets.

Research tree leading to powerful units and  upgrades.  Cinematic battle camera. Multiplayer action providing endless re-playability. Unique game play providing a refreshing twist to the RTS genre.

That’s what the publishers say, but what of the game itself I hear you say ? I think my Graphics card may not be up to the necessary spec as the onscreen visuals I get don’t match those I find online.

That’s the only complaint I have for the game itself is one of the deepest strategy games I have played in a fair while.

Iceberg have made their name from publishing top quality point-and-click adventures and thoughtful science fiction space strategy games.

This is not a game for players who prefer fast arcade style action. Of course there is conflict and combat between the major factions United Space Federation, Alliance of Free Worlds and the mysterious Gark, but the game demands that you plan and build, expanding both the Mining and the Military sides.

Gemini Wars comes with a unique introductory comic.


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