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dvGIOCHI the publishers of such brilliant games like BANG! have come up with a neat idea for keeping your game's components safe within the box and keeping them ready for easy access whenever you play.

How many times have you opened a game box and found all the tiny counters loose in the box, maybe having fallen out of the special plastic inserts or the bag you so carefully put them away in?

With these GEEKBOXES, which are extremely light and yet quite strong, you can neatly store all types of pieces, counters, plastic bits, wooden blocks even miniatures, safely and securely, for these boxes also have strong lids.

If you keep pieces from old or broken games separately so that you can always find replacements for lost pieces or for when games are opened only to find the odd counter or block missing and you need the component to be able to play, then these GeekBoxes also stack together pretty securely, though commonsense should be used as to how high you should try to stack them - 5 or 6 boxes high is about the best in our estimation.

Games often require you to have small components, counters, coins, blocks etc in front of you and these occasionally get caught on shirt sleeves and are spilled to the floor. Putting these pieces in the dvGiochi Geekboxes and removing them when needed for play can prevent such accidents from happening, and if the pieces are only used occasionally you can keep the lids on the boxes until you need a piece from within.

Ask your local games store about the new GEEKBOX from dvGiochi. They sell at around €2.49 for a pack of three which is good value to prevent spillage onto the floor from the tabletop.

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dvGichio says
The ultimate solution for organizing the game boxes!
When you open the game box are everywhere scattered pawns? Are you tired of using uncomfortable zip bags and cases "do-it-yourself"? Piles of tokens create clutter on the table during the game?
Geekbox is a simple and ingenious solution for storing tokens, dice, cards and other small components of your favorite games. Reduce the time to set-up, open the lid and start playing!
The Geekbox are designed to be stackable and maximize space inside the box that is on top of the game table.With a clack! , The lid closes firmly, preventing the loss of the contents.
For more information visit    The perfect storage system for game components.  100% geek!


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