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The SurReal Mother Geek Hatching Golden Egg
The SurReal Mother Geek Kickstarter is LIVE!

G33k & Co. announced today that the The SurReal Mother Geek kickstarter is officially live. Geek humor merges with well known nursery rhymes to create new memories parents and children alike will cherish. The ambitious campaign will give funding to both digital and print formats of the book and is striving to make the digital version of the book both interactive and accessible to children of different reading levels.  All editions are will be full color.  In less then a day the campaign has already hit the top 6 choices for kids books in the kickstarter community. Want to donate to the campaign? Visit to donate today! 

Diana Pressnell, The SurReal Mother Geek mastermind, saw the need for a bridge between the world of children's products and the vast geek subculture while her own kids were young. Pressnell explains, “When my kids were younger, I wanted to share my interests and hobbies with them. The tools to do so were few and far between.” 

Sample: (Sung like Sing a Song of Sixpence)

Sing a song of geekery,
A pocket full of die 
Imaginations running wild
There's nothing we won't try..

The book itself will cover many of the aspects of geekdom including pirates vs. ninjas, zombies, apocalypse planning, anime, science fiction, fantasy, Cthulhu, vocabulary, food preferences, electronics, steampunk, gaming, and superheroes.

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