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Gas Guzzlers Extreme: Full Metal Frenzy DLC Releases on Steam

DLC trailer released and Weeklong discount for the base game

Haarlem, the Netherlands – May 13,  2014 The hi-octane mayhem that is Gas Guzzlers Extreme (PC) intensifies, with the release on Steam of its first DLC: Full Metal Frenzy. Developed by indie studio Gamepires and published by Iceberg Interactive, Full Metal Frenzy adds dazzling new maps, awesome new cars, exciting new game modes  and mega power-ups you just can't be without! As a combo punch, base game Gas Guzzlers Extreme is on a whopping 66% off Weeklong discount on Steam.

Full Metal Frenzy Key features:

•    Zagreb arena: a totally true-to-life depiction of the old downtown area of the Croatian capital, where the developers of this game reside !
•    Cowboy arena: a huge wild west map where dirt rules and anything goes.
•    Two new cars: the Stallion and the Rhino JTL. For that extra muscle.
•    All new female announcer.    
•    Two new power-ups, Invisibility & Stun Grenades (who threw that???).    
•    Three new games modes: Dominator, Destruction Derby and Domination Derby (all single- and multi-player).
•    New police skin. No-one drives like the Feds...

“We are very thankful that Gas Guzzlers Extreme has been so well received by the community and we’re very excited that we can now release Full Metal Frenzy to the players, packed with content and many new features,” says Andrej Levenski, co-founder and technical director at Gamepires.

A brand new trailer launches today as well, showing some police pursuit action in the centre of Zagreb  (hometown of the developers). The trailer is streaming on the Iceberg Youtube channel here. The video can also be downloaded via this link.

Full Metal Frenzy can be purchased for $4.99 via the following link:

Grab your copy of Gas Guzzlers Extreme with 66% off until 19 May 2014

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