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GAS GUZZLERS EXTREME is available to download from Iceberg Interactive on STEAM for £18.99.

for around £34.00 and $70.00 in the USA, making it  one of the least expensive of Driving/Racing Wheels
available. It is dual purpose PC and PS3 and that it has the 4-way thumb switch, the A, X, Y and B buttons,
4 wheel mounted buttons (2 each  side) plus 2 (left and right) flick switches, 12 customisable buttons that
can be set for the major commands in any race game.

I have reviewed this game before so I am not going to repeat myself except to say that after a delivery this
morning from THRUSTMASTER the game GAS GUZZLERS EXTREME got more extreme and a whole
lot more fun.

The FERRARI RACING WHEEL "RED LEGEND EDITION" has made Gas Guzzlers extreme a whole new
game. After downloading the drivers from the Thrustmaster website:  and going into Options to change all the
controls to suit the Driving Wheel - there are enough buttons on it - the steering in particular becomes so much
easier. I never was any good trying to steer using the keys and mouse, yet I won my first race, first time out,
with the Thrustmaster Ferrari Racing Wheel and Foot Pedal attachment.






      The Thrustmaster Ferrari Racing Wheel comes with
                                                                                                      a strong clamp to fix it to your desk. I am glad it does
                                                                                                      because I tried just sitting it on the desk without the clamp
                                                                                                      at first and ended up clearing all the clutter and my coffee
                                                                                                      cup as I took a sharp left bend.


The Thrustmaster Ferrari Racing Wheel is compatible with PS3 and PC - it has a switch that must be flipped prior to the
USB being plugged in. On the PC it works without problem for these systems: Win 7, Win 8, Vista and XP.

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