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Recommended Minimum  System Requirements:   A Copy of Iceberg's GAS GUZZLERS EXTREME

OS: Windows 7/8.1            Memory: 4 GB RAM        Graphics: DirectX 9          Processor: Quad-core Q6600 2.4 GHz                               
Preferred Gfx Radeon 6850 or GeForce 560 with 1 GB RAM            DirectX: Version 9.0c      HDD: 1 GB         3D Compatible Sound Card

You can find out more and buy it on Steam for $4.99/£3.99. You can find the store page using this link

Okay so the DLC is inexpensive, just £3.99, so don't expect too much. You do however get value for your money with two new combat arenas, One based in a Croatian downtown area and the other in the good old wild wild west, complete with a new car called appropriately "the Stallion" (which you don't get for so long into the Campaign you almost forget it's available, but it is a carrot definitely worth the time spent getting to it). The first car available though is a souped-up micro GT mini-cooper which can be unlocked quite early - yeh, you still have to work for it. 

You also get different modes of race, including two new derby challenges - Destruction Derby and Domination Derby. Power-ups have also been tweaked to add invisibility and stun grenades to the already quite powerful mix. I haven't come across invisibility yet (at least I haven't seen anyone using it!) but the Stun Grenades have been used against me and they really slow you down. To sex up the game you can choose now to have a female announcer  but the downside to this is that you have to restart your campaign as you can only switch voices when you create a new profile in the game.  There’s also 2 new power ups to use during power races including invisibility and stun grenades. Fancy driving a Police Car ? Well if you find the key you can unlock the ability to pimp your vehicle into looking like a Smokey Bear - or at least a poor relation.

     My invisible car may be next to the Mini Cooper or it may not, I forgot where I parked it !!!!

As I said you get your money's worth with this expansion. The only problem with it is that you have to unlock everything before you can use it. I wanted to try a Quick Race on the new tracks but they were not available and of course the new cars and Sheriff's customising isn't available for using either. I really didn't see or find the invisibility power-up but I did fall foul of the stun grenades from opposing drivers.

Having had a great time using my THRUSTMASTER Red Legend Ferrari Racing Wheel the last time I played GAS GUZZLERS EXTREME I decided to give the Thrustmaster Dual Analog 3 hand-held controller to test the DLC expansion. It took me several attempts and nearly an hour of messing around before I got the game to accept this controller, even though immediately I plugged in its USB lead GGE Options recognised it and named it correctly. I set the buttons and thumb sticks up and  I saved the configuration and then entered the game. I waited patiently for the race to load (this often takes a few minutes but sometimes is almost immediate, no idea why there is often such a delay) and then start. I pressed the button set for acceleration and ...... nothing. I went through the process again and this time the car sped off, yay, but wait there's a turn coming up, thumb stick to the right car straight ahead, thumb stick to the left car straight ahead, back to the drawing board. This occurred several times (as I said, about an hour) and then using the same configuration and having done nothing differently, not even replugged the USB or waggled the wire, the game decided that it not only recognised the Thrustmaster Dual Analog 3 but it also recognised the buttons and triggers and thumb sticks.

Now the race was on. The game zips along at such an amazing speed yet feels so real. I felt every bump in the road and relived my own personal real-life crashes when I drove straight into another car (yay me, points for destruction). The game rocks! With or without the new expansion the game rocks! But like most things, adding something new that tantalises and treats is always a good thing, and at £3.99 it's less than the packet of cigarettes you shouldn't be smoking.

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