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The Keys to the Kingdom series

This is a young adult series with more than a touch of Harry Potter about it.
Sometimes Nix [the author] who is Australian, puts in words that most normal people
will never have ever used nor probably even heard of, let alone know what
they mean. I am not sure why he does this, except maybe to show he thinks
he is either smarter than the average reader or that he got a Thesaurus for Christmas.

Overall though this is a good adventure series set in a world that is not only parallel
to our own world, but deeply entrenched in it with lots of crossovers from realm to
realm and world to world.

The majority of the action takes place in The House which is only visible to gifted
humans and Denizens that live in its immensity. For although it looks like a normal
house from outside it is a doorway into another world which itself has several layers
(or storeys) and realms. The main character, Arthur Penhaligon, grows from frightened
human boy to a god-like deity as he collects the Seven Keys of the Kingdom and the
Seven Parts of the Will of the Architect.

These Will parts and Keys are held by the Keepers (Monday thru Sunday) who were
given them to hold safe but now will not relinquish themas they (the Keepers) enjoy too
much the power they grant. Arthur and his friends have to find ways to defeat each Keeper
separately until the Will can be put back together as a whole.

Meanwhile NOTHING is slowly encroaching on the house, devouring everything in its path.
The Dark, Misty, Nothing is all consuming and cannot be reasoned with, though it can be fought
and it can be manipulated and used to manufacture things like weapons and machines that are
actually Nothing powered. Sometimes the use of the word Nothing throughout the stories can
get a little confusing, and at times comical when Nothing does this and that is better than Nothing.

Pretty good reading that would make an interesting film or better still a good base for
a role-playing adventure.

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