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Garfield’s wildest adventure!

From Namco Bandai
Garfield can finally do what he does best: sleep! But little does the fat cat know that his favorite lazy pastime is the key to excitement and adventure. In Garfield’s dreams, he can fly! Just touch the screen to take off and release to descend. Avoid obstacles and enemies to clear the various levels. On your way, collect coins and lasagna to help Garfield. With those, you will be able customize Garfield with fun accessories and add power-ups. Dive into this colorful cartoon world that everybody can enjoy!

From Grant:  
Garfields Wild Ride is a single-finger, side scrolling 'run' game. The action all takes place in our favourite lazy cats dream, wherein he can fly, and with the help of bonus pick-ups can ride a giant Odie and Skate along on a skateboard.
As you run/fly/ride etc. you collect coins for use in the in-game shop and Lasagne to unlock trophies, as well as being able to spend real money on various items and power ups. 

Essentially Garfields Wild Ride is a character brand recognition version of Jetpack Joyride, that being said, it is great fun. The controls are easy to learn, and just as easy to master, with both my 7 and 4 year old boys enjoying the game (as well as being more than moderately better at it than I). 

At a modest £0.69p it is great value for money, and with over 40 levels, and 3 locations to run, fly and jump through, you wont get bored fast.
From Chris: 
I played this on my gradchild's iPad and found it to be a fun but repetitive game of running and jumping, flying and collecting, in fact just like a thousand or more side scrolling platform games. The emphasis on the sales pitch is not the inexpensive price - most ios games are only a few pence each - but on the eye candy that is Garfield, and here is where the creators of the game haven't done their homework particularly well. Garfield would wait for the lasagne, coins, whatever, to come to him, he most certainly wouldn't go chasing for them - heck he probably cannot even remember how to run. He would probably either trick Jon into collecting for him or get Odie to do it, but it is highly unlikely he would be as energetic as this game suggests.
Overall though it is a fun platform game which will keep youngsters amused and that's what it was designed to do.
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