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Games clubs please note: The Official Pegasus Games Club Autumn "open" days for 2013 are from August 30th to the 5th September. Pegasus Spiele support games clubs open days as an important pillar of the culture of games.

Games Clubs should register their own Club Open Day or Convention event between now and the 30th August. For registering and proof of the Event (date, venue etc) you will get from Pegasus Spiele a free game package consisting of our new games "DUCKOMENTA Art" (Brand new in German), "MARS CUBE" (world premiere in German), "GUILD HALL - Guilds and intrigue" (new card game with expert play-quality ) and the premiere of our brilliant two-player series "DUEL IN rocky valley" as well as posters and flyers. All we ask is that at your Club's Open Day there will be demonstrions and participation games of our new products as well as other games from our current publishing program.

The application runs immediately and interested clubs can until register up to 30.08.2013 at

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