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The Paris: l’Étoile Late Pledges are open for anyone who might have missed our Kickstarter campaign. Click here to enter the Pledge Manager.
Please note that we have already begun the manufacturing process and will need to give our final order quantities to the manufacturer very soon. This means if you were planning on ordering more than one copy please do so as soon as possible. This especially applies to any of our game store backers. Once we've selected our final numbers we may have to limit the amount of copies each backer can order. 
Arkwright: The Card Game
Arkwright: The Card Game has completed the factory phase and is ready to set sail for overseas markets. 
But, as we are sure you know by now, there are many issues in the world of shipping, for all industries, board games included. Our shipment of ATCG has been affected, but we remain hopeful that a September fulfilment date is possible. 
We also want to take this moment to address the rising cost concerns we and all other board game companies and importers face. 
You may have heard the cost of production materials and the cost of shipping has risen drastically in the last few months. Some projects have decided to delay production to try and wait for the costs to decrease. We have decided not to wait, in case costs do not lower. However, that does mean we need to cover that unexpected expense by slightly increasing the MSRP of the retail versions of some of our games. This will immediately affect the next retail shipments of Paris and Arkwright: The Card Game. We had already kept costs on these 2 games as low as possible, so we feel the new cost is still a good deal for the customer, and we can now use the extra cash to help cover some of the inflated shipping costs. 
We will continue to evaluate our costs for other games as they come to market later this year, and hopefully we will not need to make any further changes.  Thank you for your understanding.  
We'll be at Gen Con this Sept. 16-19. 
If you will be there this year, please stop by and say hello, we love to meet our supporters from around the world. 
Lastly, but most importantly, we hope any of our supporters in the regions affected by the flooding here in Europe are safe and we send you our best wishes.  
-The Game Brewer Team
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