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New Evil Takes Root in Guild Wars® 2

Heroes of Tyria must make their stand against a fast materialising threat in ‘Entanglement’, the newest release in Guild Wars 2’s Living World

NCSOFT and ArenaNet, publisher and developer of the acclaimed Guild Wars franchise, today released ‘Entanglement’, the newest update to the ongoing saga in the Living World of Guild Wars 2. 

In ‘Entanglement’ you – the player –are being summoned to join your fellow Tyrian heroes to face off against a quickly growing and seemingly ancient evil now terrorising the Maguuma Wastes.

·         Evil Takes Root - The lethal, fast-growing vines that have plagued the Brisban Wildlands have begun to spread.

·         Explore Further - There are secrets hidden within the newly revealed area of Dry Top, just waiting to be discovered.

·         Story Journal - Once you’ve completed the Entanglement story, you’ll be able to replay it through the new Story Journal feature.

·         Treasure in the Desert - Complete the Entanglement episode and Story Journal achievements to receive special rewards!

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