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In this fresh video Maclaine Diemer, Composer at ArenaNet, introduces some wonderful new compositions created for Living World Season 2. Recorded with a live orchestra just outside Berlin, the video highlights some of the behind-the-scenes talent that goes into creating emotive game experiences in Guild Wars 2.

“For living world Season 2 we wanted to do something distinct and cool that would match the new content. We recorded a lot of new music that relates to the new creatures, locations and the situations you find yourself in as a player”.

“I think it really succeeds in elevating Guild Wars 2. When you hear live music as you’re playing, you feel it on a much more visceral level”.

Season 2 kicks-off tomorrow, Tuesday 1st July.

For more information about Season 2 and all things Guild Wars 2, please visit To view or download the soundtrack video, please click the following links:

NEW! ‘Guild Wars 2 – The Living Soundtrack’ video YouTube: 

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