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Guild Wars® 2 Latest Feature Pack Release Sees Quality of Life Rise to New Levels

Today’s release of the ‘September 2014 Feature Pack’ brings features and a host of updates for new and existing players alike

NCSOFT and ArenaNet, publisher and developer of the acclaimed Guild Wars franchise, today released its “September 2014 Feature Pack", the second standalone Guild Wars 2 feature update for the award-winning MMO. Feature packs focus exclusively on in-game features, and the latest update introduces improvements to key features, a ‘new user experience’, balance updates and much more. All new content added to Guild Wars 2, including Feature Packs, is available to players free of charge and without a subscription fee.

Log in today and experience the September 2014 Feature Pack, which includes:

·         Wardrobe Updates
·         New Trading Post
·         Collection Achievements
·         World vs. World Updates
·         New Player Experience

The points above merely scratch the surface of the many improvements arriving with today’s update. To learn more about the September 2014 Feature Pack, check out the series of blog posts detailing each feature and upgrade at

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