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Dragon Bash Fireworks – 14th-17th June

Watch the skies above Lion’s Arch come alive with an explosive fireworks show every night in-game. The fireworks begin at 18:00 CEST (9AM PDT) on Friday, 14th June and will go off every two hours until 21:00 CEST (12AM PDT) Monday, 17th June. Stay through the spectacular finale and receive a unique festival helm – The Horns of the Dragon!


·         The Dragon Effigy Lighting Ceremony – Begins 18th June

Join the Captain’s Council and other dignitaries as they light dragon effigies in the Grand Piazza of Lion’s Arch starting 18th June. Hosted by the jovial Magnus the Bloody Handed, this ceremony will be full of merriment and surprises.


For more information about Dragon Bash Festival please visit the official website.

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