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On top of the classic Love Fist EP we remastered and released not too long ago, we've just dug even deeper in the vaults to release a trio of original sought-after tracks from Vice City's Radio Espantoso airwaves.

"The Bull's Wrong" by Alpha Banditos          "Yo Te Mire" by Tres Apenas Como Eso          "La Vida Es Una Lenteja" by Unaesta

These latin jam bands were a sureshot to get the fiesta going back in 1980s VC and now fans of their funky sounds (special shout to LegionYT1994) can grab the digitally remastered tracks for the low price of $0.69 each over at iTunes. They're also available for streaming on Spotify and have been added to our official playlists.
A few months back, in honor of the releases of Vice City Anniversary Edition for mobile devices and San Andreas on PSN, we made available high resolution JPGs of the maps for all three titles in the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy.

Now with Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories both joining the original trilogy as PS2 Classics available to download on PSN we've got high quality images of the maps that came packaged with the original games for you to download and print as well.

With some noticeable infrastructure differences from the three year gaps between the 1998 and 2001 layouts of Liberty City, like the ongoing construction of the Callahan Bridge for one thing, as well as the 1984 and 1987 maps of Vice City sporting some different destinations and details, it's worth having a handy print out of the lay of the land to aid you as you explore 20th century LC and VC.

Original Map Downloads (.jpg)

Liberty City Stories | Vice City Stories

As an added bonus, here's some high-rezzies of the front cover for each of the game's original manuals we dug up - each a testament to the journalistic standards and integrity of their respective cities...

These are the most recent screenshots from the eagerly awaited next edition of GRAND THEFT AUTO






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