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The GRIP LOGO is beautifully conceived to match the gameplay - it reads the same upside-down and downside-up.

GRIP is available in stores from Nov 6th with a price of around £33.00




GRIP is probably the fastest race game I have ever played on any console let alone the PS4. It is the power of the PS4 Pro that keeps the graphics sharp and the game exciting but it is the power of the programmers who have developed an amazing idea of a flip-over vehicle that's wheels are the same height from frame to ground/track no matter which side of the 'car' is up. GRIP is due out on general release on November 6th 2018 - watch out for it in the stores or in the PS Store on your PS4.

The beginning race track reminded me of the inside of a car's tyre. Let me enlarge on this thought and try to get your head around my impression. If you think of a car tyre not on its car you have a circle of hard rubber with thick curved walls that creates a permanent, unending loop (put a marble in the tyre and roll it around, the marble will trace its own pathway across the walls and base of the tyre's inner arc. Now in your mind replace the inner tyre with a futuristic wall and the marble with a bullet-car. Instead of rolling the tyre now propel the car at speed around the track, every slight movement will head it away from the safety of the central track and ride up on the walls - walls that much of the time no longer have an opening, allowing the car to roll and flip at speed spiralling through the tunnel areas. 


Once through the tunnels the open track has a separate track running concurrently alongside but slightly lower so if you go off the edge you may land on the outer track - but there is also the possibility that when you fly off the upper track you will bounce across the lower track and into mid air - loosening your control of the speed at this point allows a modicum of 'air control' but as yet once off the track and into the air I have never managed to manoeuvre it back onto the track - the best thing to do at this point is to hit the 'reset car' button and allow the game to put you back on the track, facing the correct way and ready to catch up with the other racers.

Along the tracks are green glowing humps which you need to run over to gain energy for your other manoeuvres. There are also 'power-ups' to gain which give you all manner of boosts and weapons, not that you have much time to notice what you have picked up because if you slow or stop to look the race will be gone from you, it's that fast.


There is a good reason to watch someone else play GRIP as you then have the chance to take in the excellent quality of the background scenery, something the game's velocity doesn't allow you to do.

There is a resemblance to many of the other race games available for consles and PC, such as the onscreen information of your position in the race and the Lap number - for me this usually reads 10/10 Lap 1/4  (meaning 10th out of 10 on Lap one) and ends 10/10  Lap 4/4.  There is also other information that pops up onscreen which as usual I only notice when it means nothing can be done about it. I concentrate so hard on getting past the other racers I spend the majority of my game either in the air or restarting, and the rest of my game just having mind-blowing fun.

I have to admit that there were many times when I didn't know which way was up, and I spent a lot of time messing around trying to turn the car around to face the right way before I realised there was a reset car button (thus my advice is to locate the reset button as soon as you can) and then things went a lot smoother (but sadly not fast enough for me to win a race).  VIDEO

I did finish in 6th place once, I think the other cars went off the edge on the last, or very close to the last, section of track before the ending, that's what I call good A.I. when they take each other out and leave me to run in freely (mind you I still almost blew it, I'm that good!).

The tracks change, the vehicles upgrade and/or change entirely and the scenery continues to look amazing but the speed doesn't get any faster (thank goodness) although there are times when it may appear to. 

Excellent all round (pun intended) entertainment. Even though I am pretty poor at controlling the car. (Just wondering; is there actually a driver or are these remote controlled vehicular track-drones?)

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