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These are still "busy times" here at GMT HQ. With over 20 products shipped since November, it's been taxing on people, systems, and warehouse space. On the personnel front, we've made several new warehouse and office hires or promotions of late. Our new systems are helping us quite a lot with handling the extra volume, so I'm finally (!) starting to think about our systems upgrade travails over the past couple of years in a positive light.

And on the warehouse front, as you might imagine, all that production has definitely made things "tight" on the game shelves. When I went to the warehouse yesterday, there were a dozen pallets of cartoned (and shrink-wrapped) games sitting outside. When I asked Elizabeth "what's the deal with those?", she shrugged and said "we're out of space." So it's a really good thing that I was there yesterday to meet with the owners and close and sign the deal for another large warehouse space directly adjacent to ours. They're creating doors between the spaces, so within a week or so, our available space will not only be significantly expanded but (at last!) all under one contiguous roof. In the meantime, don't worry - we bring those pallets of games inside at night (they're literally filling the workspace aisles). 

A Brief Pause.  We're going to need some time to move over the coming few weeks, so we've decided to pause our P500 shipping after the Time of Crisis + Age of Iron & Rust + Update Kits batch is finished in order to concentrate on the move and do some additional training. We could rush and ship the Dark Valley and Space Empires: Close Encountersgames while doing those things, but we think it's smarter and better for us to take a break from the big shipments (we'll still fill daily orders) to really focus on organizing the new warehouse space, moving, and doing some important training (and retraining) for all of our office and warehouse staff.

Don't worry; I've moved the P500 charges back as well. So you'll still have only a couple weeks between charging and shipping on the mid-March releases (see Charging and Shipping section below for more details). Thanks for your understanding while we improve our capacity and capabilities over the coming weeks.
Office E-mail Issues on the Mend. When I spoke with Elizabeth yesterday, she said that as far as the office folks know, they have now (with some help from Mitch on the tech side) responded to all of our customers who had unresolved issues with their orders or their accounts. So please, if you have an issue that has not yet been resolved, drop an email to and cc so Elizabeth and Mitch will be aware of your issue. Thankfully, we know we have the bulk of this issue behind us now, but we want to make sure that we don't miss anyone and that all issues are resolved. Thanks for your patience with us as we have worked through this process!
Harold Buchanan's "Harold on Games" Podcast Interview with me. Harold has now posted both parts of his interview with me. Just click the links below if you want to give them a listen.
Interview with Gene, Part 1
Interview with Gene, Part 2

Harold does such an excellent job with these podcasts. In case you'd like to hear more, here are links to several of Harold's other interviews with GMT designers:

Volko Ruhnke
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Upcoming Game Photography Workshop. We really love seeing the pictures and stories that so many of you post online on social media, BGG, and various discussion boards. It lets us look over your shoulder and share in your enjoyment of our games. So thanks for doing that! Because so many of us share game pictures on line nowadays, I want to highlight a workshop that Scott Mansfield will be conducting at our upcoming Weekend at the Warehouse in April. Scott is a professional photographer who also loves creating and playing games. He is responsible for many of the outstanding game and component photos on our website.

Here's the information about the workshop from Scott:

Want to take more creative pictures of your game?

I’ll be running a one-hour game photography workshop during the Weekend at the Warehouse this April. I’ll load you up with practical tools that you can use to make your games look better for Boardgamegeek, social media, and sharing with your gaming mates!  Any camera is fine to bring (or none at all), for the tools I'll show are universal, but I’m orienting the class around only using your camera phone. You'll learn about:

Best of all, if you’re at the warehouse already, the class is free. Pop in for 10 minutes or stay for the full thing. I hope to see some of you there!

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