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Friedberg / Berlin, May 19th 2014: Early this morning the nine-member jury "Spiel des Jahres" nominated this year’s “Spiel des Jahres” (game of the year) and the “Kennerspiel des Jahres” (expert game of the year) and released a list of recommendations for both categories. One of the games nominated for the “Spiel des Jahres” is CAMEL UP (eggertspiele) by Steffen Bogen. ROKOKO (eggertspiele) by the designer trio Matthias Cramer, Louis Malz and Stefan Malz is nominated for the “Kennerspiel des Jahres”. Also nominated in this category is ISTANBUL by Rüdiger Dorn. The card games LOVE LETTER by Seiji Kanai and GUILDHALL by Hope S. Wang received recommendations from the jury.

With the nominations and recommendations Pegasus Spiele’s success story concerning the "Spiel des Jahres" continues: After the nominations of PANDEMIE (Matt Leacock, 2009), IM WANDEL DER ZEITEN: DAS WÜRFELSPIEL – BRONZEZEIT (Matt Leacock, 2010) and STRASBOURG (Stefan Feld, 2011) and the award “Kennerspiel des Jahres 2012” for VILLAGE by Inka and Markus Brand, this year for the first time three games of Pegasus Spiele are nominated at once.

“We put a lot of work in our games and we are very pleased that this work is reflected in the numerous nominations in recent years” says Karsten Esser, one of the two CEOs of Pegasus Spiele. Andreas Finkernagel, the other CEO of Pegasus Spiele, adds enthusiastically: “We are thrilled to be nominated with three games this year and with two more games on the recommendations list. This is already an incredible success for us. Many thanks to our editorial partners eggertspiele and our editorial team for their outstanding work!”

The Spiel des Jahres is the biggest and most important games award worldwide,  granted annually since 1979. Its goal is to provide guidance particularly for family gamers in the ever growing gaming market. Since 2001 the “Kinderspiel des Jahres” (children's game of the year) is also awarded regularly. With the “Kennerspiel des Jahres” a third award, aimed at more experienced players, joined the “Spiel des Jahres”-awards in 2011.


In Steffen Bogen’s CAMEL UP five stackable camels race through the desert, driven by a pyramidal dice dispenser. The task of the player is to bet what camels are to finish the race as a winner or loser.

In ISTANBUL by Rüdiger Dorn the players move over the Turkish bazaar with a merchant and his assistants to gather five rubies as fast as possible.  For this, players must collect and sell goods and at the same time avoid the encounter with other merchants.

Tailoring noble dresses for the ladies of the French court is the task of the players in ROKOKO by Matthias Cramer, Louis Malz and Stefan Malz. To be successful, players must hire capable assistants and collect the finest materials to outdo the competition.

The goal of Seiji Kanai’s LOVE LETTER is to deliver a billet-doux to the princess. The game only consists of 16 cards and a handful of wooden hearts and already won numerous international awards.

GUILDHALL is a little game with great fun. In the card game by Hope S. Hwang players must collect sets of professions. The more cards are on display, the more powerful each card played gets.

The Spiel des Jahres and the Kennerspiel des Jahres 2014 will be announced on Monday, July 14th 2014 in Berlin.

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