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Gambit Joins the Cast of Marvel Heroes - New Trailer
Gazillion Entertainment, developers of the popular free-to-play Marvel action RPG Marvel Heroes, is pleased to announce the latest trailer introducing Gambit, the kinetically charged, card-flinging X-Man from Bourbon Street, who is now available to play in Marvel Heroes.
After rescuing a de-aged Storm from the Shadow King, Gambit was brought back to the X-Mansion where he joins the X-Men. As a mutant, Gambit possesses the ability to convert the potential energy in an object into destructive kinetic energy. Gambit utilizes this power mostly in the form of throwing kinetically charged playing cards which explode on impact, or by super-charging his extendable bo staff.
Watch on Youtube:
Marvel Heroes is free-to-play and features 26 Super Heroes, including Spider-Man, Iron Man, Thor, Wolverine, Hulk and Captain America. All heroes can be unlocked by simply playing the game and each hero can be customized through unique and extensive leveling systems, power trees, diverse item drops and a robust crafting system. Players can choose to wear costumes from over 70 years of Marvel history, including costumes from Marvel’s recent theatrical blockbusters. Set across diverse locations from the Marvel Universe, Marvel Heroes offers fast-paced, action-packed gameplay.
To download and start playing Marvel Heroes today, visit or download the game on Steam.
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