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Faster Summer Games fun - the Pegasus game Club Days 2015

From 8 to 28 June this year Pegasus Games Club Days will take place.


Friedberg, May 26, 2015: For the 7th time support the Clubs Pegasus Games with a game package and organize the official Pegasus games club days. When meeting a passionate and dedicated player base carrying clubs - not only in Germany - a vital role in promoting social games and the joy of playing and spread. Therefore Pegasus Games organizing the annual Club Day and sent free games packages.

In this year's games package the newest games of Friedberger publisher are included: The fast speed snacks and - based on the dwarf-universe of Markus Heitz - The Dwarves - The duel continues the popular 2-player series. In addition, the games involved clubs receive the exciting racing game Why First ?, the tricky Empire engine and Bluff- and tactics Game Seventh Hero.

Immediately the Games Clubs until 21 June 2015, may register for the Official Pegasus Games Club Days, which take place from 8 to 28 June 2015. The number of participants is limited to 100 games clubs - early registration is therefore recommended. The new game package and the games packages of bygone days the club varied 7. Pegasus games club days, nothing stands in the way.

Visitors who want to participate in Clubtag, can search the index for a club near you. This overview will be updated regularly. The Games clubs are looking forward to new players.

Participants Index:

The package with the rapid Summer Games includes:

Why First: Who will win the race, lose. In five quick laps, players can move their hand cards their own or the character of another player on the board. But only those who keeps the overview and sent taktiert, ends up in second place and win the game.

Playing time: 15 to 25 minutes | 2-6 players | from 7 years

Speed ​​Snacks: As fast food entrepreneur says beware of any changes to the wishes of the guests quickly. Responsiveness and memory are in demand in the brisk card game. Four small extensions that are included in the game, add variety to each game round.

Playing time: 15 to 30 minutes | 2 player | from 8 years

Empire Engine: In a world of machines vying four great empires for power. Using gears are moving machines and executed actions. Since all players act simultaneously, the possible actions of the other players have to be always kept in mind. Empire Engine is a small game that creates a great gaming experience with little play material and exciting gameplay.

Playing time: 20 to 40 minutes | 2-4 players | from 10 years

Seventh Hero: Six of the seven greatest heroes of the country must be united to fend off an impending misfortune. Who's turn, sends a hero wandering. In turn, the other players can choose to recruit these heroes. But who does this, and the same hero has already recruited, must give both cards again. Few evidence suggests that hero is just wandering.

Playing time: 20 to 30 minutes | 3-5 players | from 8 years

The Dwarves - The Duel: The Adventures of "dwarfs" by Markus Heitz are one of the most successful fantasy novel series Germany. After the cooperative board game already published two players can now deliver a tactical card duel in the role of good heroes or evil adversaries and determine the fate of the recovered land. The game also contains a bonus a new scenario for the board game.

Playing time: 20 to 40 minutes | 2 player | from 10 years

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