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Product Release: Settle in popular comic look

The New Release Imperial Settlers of Pegasus Games is the new genius of Robinson Crusoe Author Ignacy Trzewiczek


Friedberg, 08.07.2015: New land in sight! For the four major world powers in the new Imperial Settlers Kennerspiel that means: Colonize, building build, expand economic, trade operate, collect resources and build armies. But the country is already in short supply and that means war, because there can only be a great power. In the already internationally successful strategy game Imperial Settlers of frequent player-favorite Ignacy Trzewiczek, players step into the role of an order to build a mighty empire of four kingdoms from a simple state. Now the Kennerspiel highlight is also available in German.

Whether Japanese, Egyptians, Romans and barbarians - they all have one thing in mind: the most powerful empire in the new country building. Many actions are carried out via cards. The hand cards can be used in different ways and destroyed one-time commodities, be construed as a trade agreement for long-term raw materials or built as a place with certain effects. In addition to the respective peoples cards with individual skills, there are also general cards can access the each player. So players often have to take the tricky decision to move from general or her own deck. Each stack contains different cards and facilities.

Players have five rounds across strategic plan and decide in each train, what actions they perform and how they do without. Dear build its own new place or destroy a place of goal? Dear carry or fit an additional action in order to protect themselves from the attacks of other players? If the competition for the victory fought warlike or peaceful? Whoever collects the most points over the course of five rounds, is the most powerful of all rulers and wins the game.

Imperial Settlers with its clever card management system and the possible combinations of cards, a real highlight for connoisseurs. In 45-90 minutes 1 to 4 players, ages 10 to build their own empire. Various game modes and an additional solitaire mode ensure plenty of variety and a round gaming experience.

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Cuddly brawl in the nursery

With the new family game Krosmaster Junior Krosmoz the catchment receives in the children's room



Friedberg, 14.08.2015: The Krosmoz thrilled millions of players around the world - both online and offline. With the new release Krosmaster Junior can now immerse the whole family in this world. By the simple rules and build on each other entry scenarios Seven year olds can already learn the game. With the new characters and the accompanying character card Krosmaster Junior is also fully compatible with Krosmaster Arena.

Krosmaster booming - that prove the most numerous users, the rapidly growing tournament circuit and the regular booster expansions with new heroes. The droll Anime figures now conquer the nursery. Because with Krosmaster Junior entry into this three-dimensional tactic game has been made ​​easier. The game features seven short entry scenarios that explain the players gradually these new actions and thus introduce them to the game. So get to know the players as they move their characters and cancel Kamas, block other characters dodge their blockade or dish out even once, hurling fireballs and can defend themselves. After the exciting arena battles, nothing stands in the way. In that is a true Krosmaster found!

Here their pets the four new exclusive Krosmastern Erik Nausrig, Ren Tinkampf, Isnowa Sdrin and mysticism Tak stand by each. In the scenarios foreign Pets will be captured, own pets free, Kamas collected and strange pets and other Krosmaster be knocked out.

The short scenarios and adventures Krosmaster Junior has 2-4 players, ages 7 and fun for 10-15 minutes. The detailed miniatures and atmospheric ausstaffierte Schedule let the same feeling as when Krosmaster Arena arise. By enclosed character cards which can Krosmaster junior figures are simply combined with the basic game and offer even more choice of cute fighters.

SAMPLING INQUIRIES: Place your sampling request please as direct feedback on current product appearance-messages. Please renew your already submitted requests via feedback. Only then can we ensure and make sure that you are taken into account in any case a controlled and fair sampling.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Pegasus Spiele keeps ready a limited contingent of review copies of new releases for media representatives. The quota is lower than that received by us requests for review copies generally. Accordingly can not be satisfied by review copies each request. Thanks for your understanding.

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