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Friedemann  Friese

2F Games  Spiele


In this card game you are out to earn as much money as you can. To do this you have to construct factories and assert your influence over the other players.

Asserting your influence usually means being downright evil; by  demolishing, stealing, destroying and taking-over the other player’s Factories and Influence cards.

If there isn’t a full compliment of players then the card deck is shuffled and 15 cards per player are brought into play, the others are put aside and out of the game. This means there will always be a random selection of cards in the game and that can make for some quite imbalanced games with 2 or 3 players (it’s for 2-4).

Because of the random card distribution it is possible to have too many Green cards (Action) in play. These are the cards that flip ownership, damage and destroy and generally screw up any tactics or strategies the other player(s) may be contemplating and thus planning goes out the window.

The cards are colour coded:

Factories are Red

Prestige pints are Yellow

Influence is Blue

Actions are Green

Players begin with €60.00 which they use to bid for cards from the open market. The only way to get more money, other than the €30.00 given freely at the end of each round, is from Factories - with or without additional influences - and Influence cards themselves.

You need money to bid with. Each card has it’s own minimum bid value and many of these values are well above your €60.00 starting cash so you cannot buy them if they come up for sale in the first round. If they are not bought after the second round they are removed from play.

       The game mechanics are fine but we weren’t impressed with playing 2 player, it was too sort of Cat & Mouse. I bought a Factory but had less money left than Fran (my wife) had so she outbid me for the card that allowed her to steal my Factory. Thus she got the Factory cheaper than I did and I had nothing to show for it.

Some of the cards have symbols on them which denote when they can be legally played, others have a value to the game that is dependent on other cards.

Sometimes you might win cards in the auction that you cannot use straight away. If this occurs you can put them to one side to use later/ Other cards are immediate and/or one time only use.

The game depends on which cards you bid for, how much you spend, and whether you can out-think your opposition.


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