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FRED im BEET aka FRED (the MOLE) in the (FLOWER) BED

aka JULIEN in the GARDEN * GINO in the GARDEN

Designer: Ingeborg Ahrenkeit   Illustrations: Eva Künzel  Published: Schmidt Spiel

Game played (and reviewed) using the Rules Translation of Games Gazette Online


This is a fun five minute game to help teach children to recognise colours and perhaps learn the names, shapes and
colours of the Flowers in question.


The board, cleverly designed to be part of the box, represents a wonderful garden where the holes have already
been dug ready for the flowers to be planted. The problem with the garden is that there is a mole who enjoys to
dig the flowerbeds up. 


Fred the Mole has been spotted in the garden and is scurrying back to his hole, the rectangular gap in the centre
of the garden. Around the mole hole are some muddy spots which Fred uses to slip and slide round to reach his

The Flowers are shaped like old-fashioned lolly sticks, narrow at one end and bulbous at the other. They are made
of fairly strong cardboard - they need to be when young hands are trying to shove them into the narrow slits (holes).
Each head is of a different colour and a different blossom. The idea of the game is to plant all the blossoms before
Fred reaches his mole hill hole.

All players roll the die and plant the colour of Flower (if possible) as shown on the die face. After each player has
had a turn Fred moves towards his hole. Rolling Fred on the die moves him faster but rolling the Ladybug helps you,
so you only have a 1 in 5 chance of rolling Fred (unless you have my luck at die rolling).


My five year old grandson had no problem in learning the game and he wanted to play again and again even though Fred
was beating us more than we beat him. I said the flowers are made of strong card and after nearly a dozen games with a 5
year old not one of them was damaged, not a crease or tear - kids games need to have this resilience.

It is for 2-6 players aged 3 years upwards and has a retail cost of around €17.50 which is a fair price on todays's market
especially when it gives so much fun to the little ones, plus Fred is a real cutey.

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