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The Victor Vran game is an action adventure where you create your character a lot less than you do with other such games. However as you continue through the game you will find equipment, rob dead bodies of money and trade with Merchants to get the best deals and weapons/equipment that you can.

I began my adventures in the world of Victor Vran in the Motorhead world, you have the choice to enter one world and swap to another at any time, keeping the same character with the same everything, including life points (line) so don't think world hopping is good for your health, it isn't. In the Motorhead version I was playing a wild but powerful guitar and its sound waves were knocking back and destroying wave after wave of mostly undead nasties.

So I started my next session with Victor in the FRACTURED WORLDS land and dived straight in. My guitar humming as it killed more skeletons and then I found a sword that gave me a nice bonus against skellies so in I waded. I played around gaining a couple of levels and then began to die rather frequently and health potions aren't easy to come by - when I ended a level and was offered a choice of award there was a "10" across the top of the Healing Potion reward and so I naturally thought I'd get 10 Healing Potions - WRONG! - I got one, and that went almost as soon as I got it. Next time I took the chest and will continue to take these as apparently they can be melded together to get an even better bonus item - so that's something else to look forward to.

This is basically a move and kill (or die) game with you looking for the Fractured Frame on each of the 10 Levels. Find it and click [F] and off you go to the next Fracture, though you can stay and mop up on the one you are currently on if you so wish.

There isn't much else to say except a couple of things. So here goes:

1. When the action starts it gets heavy and fast very quickly. Remember your special abilities (W and E and possibly other letters and some numbers)
2. Remember to change weapon by using the cursor on the left or fight side of your onscreen belt (bottom of screen)
3. Find the Save spot as soon as you can
4. Don't fight too close to the Healing Tower as if you click on it accidentally you will use it, probably when you don't need it.
5. On lower levels if you can find the SWORD of the VULTURE (or similar) use it as often as you can, especially against Skeletons as it heals you 235 points for every "overkill" and you get a lot of those when killing skeletons.
6. Move around when fighting and try to kill the b*****ds who are firing at you before wading into the skellies.

Finally note that the Fractured World region is for Level 20s and over. I ventured in with a level 6 and had a lot of hard fighting fun and a few deaths before I was getting overwhelmed regularly. I found some good stuff, earnt a fair bit of cash and had a good time. But now it's back to the lower level regions of ZAGAROVIA or MOTORHEAD for a while.

If you like games such as DIABLO this will blow your mind.




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