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FORGE of GODS is an all action fantasy combat game which is played on Battlefields made up of grids.

The player selects a Warlord and they bring with them a couple of minions and off you go straight into
battle, via the tutorial. When you select the "GO" button all your characters move at the same time one
square forward. When they get in range they will begin combat automatically, although there are times
when you have to specifically target an opponent or use one of the buttons on the base line to bring forth
a storm or heal your team en masse.

It plays similar to many other side scrolling combat games but it does have one excellent difference from
the others, and that is the "GO" button. It doesn't stay exactly in the same place which means you have to
move the cursor onto it each time you want to move, you cannot accidentally click it by double clicking.

As you gain successes, your characters raise in experience levels, you have a hand in deciding their stats,
You also gain various items that you can use to evolve your characters and creatures. You need at least
one additional same creature of the type to be evolved plus the correct item, which you use on a special
location. Along the way you gather minions for yourself and you can interchange these before you go into
battle with other members of your group.

During battles you can move your characters up, down, forward or backward on the allowed grid squares.
This lets you position the characters you want to face, on the same line as the specific opponents before
they move on and/or attack.

You can get a general idea of the game from the screenshots below, but you can only enjoy the speed and
fun of the action by playing and as it's a free to play game there's no reason not to dive in.











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