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Forest of Radgost will arrive to Kickstarter in late January 2021. 

That's when we intend to launch Forest of Radgost on Kickstarter.  The exact date?  I'm not sure yet.

We are impatient to finally share five years of work with all the people you play boardgames with.

Especially now when the word has begun to get out.


Mythical creatures and potent magic haunt these overgrown paths

Game Example:

This book is for the troubled ones.

One should not willingly enter the Forest of Radgost, unless one has a pressing need, or is in deep trouble. If you, nevertheless, have to cross its boundaries, be aware of the following: 

People tell many stories about the forest, but know little about it. 

It has been told in many ways, but known little. The rare ones who have returned from the forest are not willing to talk about the encounters and events in the forest. Even when they do, it is quite difficult to understand. 

Be aware of the following as well:

So, troubled one, you will find on the following pages more details about some of the creatures you will encounter. The sources are scarce, unreliable and collected over a long period of time. For some creatures there is no recollection of the living witnesses, only hunches and old stories from lost and unknown sources. By reading this book you are crossing one border, and we hope you will never have to cross the other. But should you be so full of misfortune that life takes you into that wooded home, then we hope that this book will be helpful.

Lesnik:  Protector and Master of the Forest

Location: Found only within forest boundaries. Lesnik is lively and loud while deep in the forest, but becomes quiet and unnoticeable when he is near the forest’s outer boundaries. 

Physical characteristics: Lesnik has the ability to transform himself, and he readily uses it. He can take the shape of anything in the forest, and enjoys confusing anyone that sees him. He can turn into an animal, human, tree, butterfly or any combination, the weirder the better. A favorite form is that of a faun, with the lower body of a goat, curved corns, and a goatee. He may shift his size to be as tall as the highest tree, or as small as the shortest grass. The forest is the only thing that dictates his power: the further he is to its heart, the more powerful he becomes. 

Powers: This creature is strong both magically and physically, and to make confronting him even more difficult he often travels with his brother bear. Lesnik is a king to all the animals and plants in the forest: snakes, wolves, hundred-year-old oaks, all respond to Lesnik’s call. Lesnik is almost unbeatable, though he is cheerful and well-intended in his nature. That is, until an enemy comes along to threaten the forest and its inhabitants. But even in those situations he rarely needs to invoke his full power to take care of the threat, and is usually satisfied to simply scare them off. Sometimes the fear of the crazy forest would so frighten the man that no one and nothing could get him back to his senses. 

Medicine, Lessons: One should not fear Lesnik unless they intend to harm the forest. Even so, one should be careful not to draw his ire with some careless act in his home. There are stories of men who so offended Lesnik that he sent a storm so strong that it flooded their crops and left them famished (for Lesnik can control even the skies should he need to).

Should you ever cross him, there are ways to cheer him up. Lesnik is easily amused by awkward or silly behaviour. He likes weird and topsy-turvy antics, like putting the left shoe on your right foot, singing upbeat songs out loud, and a good joke. Remember this, for it may save your life someday. 

Running: 9  You successfully run away: Move your character 3 fields from the origin of this encounter. 

When you stop to catch your breath, you feel someone poke you on the shoulder. When you look, it’s only a tree branch dancing in the wind. You bat it away, but it bats you back in retaliation. Prone on the ground, you look up to see the tree itself move, and you stare wide-eyed at the form of Lesnik himself. You ran as swift as the wind, how could a tree catch up to you so quickly? 

Lesnik demands you take care of his nephew Međedovića. You have no choice.

If the Međedovića character is already in play, immediately move your character to his group and join it. Lesnik gets you there safely.

If Međedovića is not in play, add it’s figure (16a) and character card to your group. Međedović is strong, well-intentioned and friendly, but awkward around people. This should be interesting.

Hiding: 8  You successfully hide behind an old tree. 

Wait a minute… is this tree moving? You freeze, but the tree picks you up and slightly moves you to the side. The leaves of the tree rustle in a rhythmic pattern, and you realize you can make out words in the sounds they make: “Peek-a-boo, I found you.”

Dumbstruck, you nod your head. Had you hair of leaves like Lesnik, your reply may have been a small rustle. But being made of loud meat and crackling bone, your head bobble makes a truly unbearable noise. Startled by the sound, your eyes close and you cover your ears. After a moment you open your eyes again. Lesnik is gone, but his weird gift stays with you. You can just make out a faint rustle of “you’re it”. 

Gain UNBEARABLE NOISE from the Blue deck.

Fight: 11 
You fought like a hero, but he bored of your antics. He calls the fight in a draw, though you realize you were little more than a distraction to him. Your skills are enough for him to notice you. He requests that you take his bored nephew Međedović with you on an adventure. He points you towards the den of his brother Bear.

If the Međedovića character is already in play, immediately move your character to his group and join it. Lesnik gets you there safely.

If Međedovića is not in play, add it’s figure (16a) and character card to your group. Međedović is strong, well-intentioned and friendly, but awkward around people. This should be interesting.

Lock 3? What does this do?

Communication: 7
You recognize Lesnik with ease. You did your research and know what to do. You swiftly take off your shoes and swap their positions so that they are on the wrong foot. Then you twirl your cape to your front, making you look like you are wearing a giant bib. You walk backwards towards Lesnik. Upon seeing you, he recognizes your good-natured interest in the forest and leaves.

Lock your communication skill.

Lock 4?


Day: Lesnik grows bored of meeting with humans and retires to the home of his brother Bear. Remove his token and figure from the board. When you next need to shuffle the creature tokens, add Lesnik’s token to the pile. Roll a d6: 

1 or 2 Lesnik has put up bell traps in the area. Without realizing it, you stumble into one and make a deafening jingle.

Pick up the tokens of the 3 creatures nearest you, do not look at their number if the token is face down. Choose an action, then reveal the tokens. Use the Creature Matrix and find the action values of those three creatures. You immediately have an encounter with the creature with the highest action value for the action you chose. If you are successful, all 3 creatures are moved to the Time Counter. If you lose or tie, return those tokens to their crossroads face up (randomly if original location is unknown). 

3 or 4 Lesnik organizes a Drvoniz - The trees come alive and pass you around as if you were a toy. The branches are carry you from one tree to another. Your travel ends at the water crossroads furthest from the village, move your character there. You lose your bag. Place your lost bag token at the crossroads where you encountered Lesnik. 

5 Lesnik and his brother Bear celebrate by drinking honey nectar, and you are invited to join them. In your revelry, you lose your bag. Place your lost bag token at the crossroads where you encounter Lesnik. Gain LESNIK’S PARTY from the brown deck and read further. 

6 Bear rushes you at full speed. You are beaten and unconscious. Lesnik saves you, and takes you close to the village. You no longer have the strength to continue. Return your character card to the game box and choose a new character card. Place your lost bag token at the crossroads where you encountered Lesnik. If there are not enough characters to choose from, the game ends and the Villagers lose.

Night: Lesnik organizes a Drvoniz - The trees come alive and pass you around as if you were a toy. The branches are carry you from one tree to another. If children are in the group you are all moved to the village. If the children aren’t with you, you are moved to the weeping willow on Rusalkas’ Field (location XXX)

INCONCLUSIVE: Roll a die – On an even result, your action was successful. On an odd you were unsuccessful.


Join the quest to save the missing village children and rediscover a forgotten mythical past in Forest of Radgost, an upcoming cooperative tabletop game that brings Slavic mythology to life!

Detailed miniatures, immersive storytelling, and rich mythology await you in Forest of Radgost, a cooperative storytelling tabletop game that brings Slavic mythology to life.  
When a boy and a girl disappear from their village somewhere in áX century Europe, the village druid dispatches a search party to Õnd the children and escort them back to safety. As one of the members of that search party, you will need to trespass into the sacred forest and cross the boundary that separates the realm of humans from the realm of the Slavic deity Radgost.
To succeed, you must Õnd your way through a dense forest that plays tricks on your sense of distance and direction, and use all your skills, wisdom and instincts to survive numerous encounters with forest creatures that have inscrutable intentions and a wicked sense of right and wrong.


Step inside the shoes of a IX century pagan

You are a warrior in a foreign land looking for clues to your forgotten past. Or maybe you are Ratibor, the old chieftain living on borrowed time, about to make a final stand for the sake of the village and its future. Or perhaps you are Ziva, the dexterous young priestess struggling to find her place in the world.

Choose among nine characters, take on their fears and hopes and join the search party.

Genre: Cooperative, storytelling game with character development and a mythological theme.

Theme: The world of Slavic mythology, where appearances may be misleading, and it's not always easy to tell good from evil.
Characters: Players can choose from among nine original characters. Their backstory exemplifies aspects of ancient Slavic beliefs.
Creatures: A total of 21 creatures from Slavic mythology (including the title character god Radgost) inhabit the forest. Each one' appearance and disposition is based on researching Slavic mythology sources.
Crossroad encounters: Encounters with mythical creatures occur on one of the 32 forest crossroads.  At each encounter, players must decide whether to run, hide, flee, or talk, without knowing which creature they are about to face. Depending on their choices, the encounters are resolved according to the numerous scenarios provided in the accompanying book of encounters.
Exploration: Players are free to explore the forest beyond the path, which allows them to meet companions, collect items, gain abilities, but also face potential dangers.

In The Box:
21 creature miniatures (on average, 50mm tall)
An 92-page illustrated book of encounters
Nine playable characters depicted with miniatures and character sheets
Nine card decks with items and side quests
35-inch by 26-inch forest map
Dice, tokens, time-counters and so on.

Open your eyes and the forest will reveal its secrets to you

A web of footpaths will take you deeper into the forbidden forest. You can stray off the path in search of special items. At crossroads, you will face forest creatures. Each encounter will thrust your fate into a new direction. On your journey, you will stumble into caves, huts, fairy circles, watermills, and the eerie significance of these mythological places will not escape you.



Todorci are a troop of horsemen that grow from the back of their horses. They were led by Todor the Great, who had a completely white limping horse, the most powerful in the group. The sound of hoofs and rattling chains announces the arrival of these riders. If a man finds himself in their path or if he disobeys the rules certain death awaits him: death under the horses' hoofs or from Todorci’s swords, or getting tied to a tree and left to die slowly in great pain.

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Kickstarter Pledges: $US
$99: Oak pledge  Forest of Radgost with all 29 miniatures
$64: Acorn pledge  Forest of Radgost with standees instead of miniatures.
$49: Perunika pledge  All 29 miniatures, without the actual game.
Divine pledge: not yet announced!
Shipping costs will be charged in the PledgeManager after the campaign.

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