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Forest of Radgost was launched on Kickstarter on February 10, 2021.

To avoid cluttering the Kickstarter page with too many pledges, Early birds will be fulfilled through the pledge manager.

More info on the Kickstarter page.

The children are missing.
The boy and girl were playing hide and seek, and they innocently hid in a small boat
moored on the riverbank. They fell asleep there, and the frayed strands of rope holding the
boat against the current parted. The boat raced downstream toward angry stone fingers.
Only luck saved the children from being plunged into the icy depths when the boat crashed
into the jutting rocks. The shattered hull miraculously ran aground on the shore, where the
terrified children found themselves lost on the far side of the river, deep inside a dark forest
of centuries-old oaks.
Humans are not meant to enter this forest, this is what the village elders told them. It is
home to mythical creatures, twenty in number and wild by nature. Although Radgost—the
Slavic god of hospitality—protects both the village and the forest from outside forces, he
does not always protect them from each other.
When the children did not return, the village érec—a sorcerer—gathered a search party.
The party will undoubtedly face dangerous encounters with the mythical creatures of the
forest, and maybe even confront Radgost himself. Each encounter will set off a sequence of
fantastical events that will, in one way or another, influence the course of the search as well
as the capabilities and experiences of the party. Those that successfully return to the village
will never be the same again.

Once upon a time, my son Dimitrije and I had a small acorn of an idea. Then six years passed, and in the last 7 days all this happened:

  • Forest of Radgost was launched on Kickstarter, got funded in 5 hours, peaking at #3 most popular projects on Kickstarter and #1 on KickTraq's hot list

  • A total of 13 Stretch goals have been unlocked, upgrading the game with new scenarios, a story-starter dice set, 5 new companion miniatures, map modifiers, an overall quality upgrade, and individually illustrated standees

  • In response to popular demand, one of the miniatures was scaled up (the Giant) to be 25% larger than originally planned

  • My favorite Ala (an alternative version of one of the miniatures) has been released as a gift for anyone who has access to a 3D Printing service

  • Three interviews with me went live on Youtube, providing deeper insight into the intention, content, and creative process behind the game

  • The German-language edition was announced, joining the already offered English, Czech, French and Serbian editions of the game

  • We reached an agreement that allowed us to reduce shipping charge estimates for certain EU, Asia, and Oceania backers

A year ago when we first released our website I said this: 

Forest of Radgost began as a family project. The family then grew into a small tribe of creators. To finish what was started, that tribe needed to grow into a small village...

But what I didn't expect was to witness how...... that village is now growing into a small town. And the more people join, the more possibilities unravel to further enhance Forest of Radgost.

You are a member of the village, either part of the search party or the children themselves.
Your goal is to work together with your other party members to escape the forest and return
to your village. Optionally, you will also have your own personal objective to complete.
Forest of Radgost can be played by 1-7 players. The game allows other players to join
in the middle of play without consequence. Forest of Radgost is a narrative story-telling
game where the journey is more important than the destination.


A co-operative storytelling board game based on Slavic mythology.

On Kickstarter, a crowd draws a crowd. Therefore, if you pledge on day one (Feb 10), your contribution will make the strongest possible impact. 

This is what I meant by putting up a good show. So, as an extra nudge of encouragement, we have an early bird offer if you back us in the first 48 hours.

These aren't irresistible deals meant to sway the undecided.

Think of these more as complimentary discounts for our strongest supporters:

- You'll get $5 off if you opt for the Acorn, Oak, or Perunika pledges if you back in the first 48h*
- You'll get $10 if you opt for the Divine pledge if you back in the first 48h*

(*If you already earned your discount through our referral program, that one still applies; I will not be able to offer this discount to you as well)

P.S. Forest of Radgost goes live on Kickstarter on February 10. Please support us by visiting our preview page and clicking "Notify me on launch." This raises our rank in Kickstarter's upcoming projects list which could bring more backers and increase the odds of funding the game.

That's the second Wednesday of February.

We will launch at 6:00 PM CET, which is:

- 5:00 PM UCT
- 12:00 noon EST
- 9:00 AM PST

Kickstarter has approved our page so no complications on that end.

If you want Kickstarter to notify you on launch, sign up on the preview page:


Thank you all for your patience, considering the delays we had so far. It is truly great to be able to make the above announcement.

Regards from

The Forest of Radgost Tribe


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