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When I read that LOONEYLABS were launching a new product for their Fabulous Fluxx range and this new product was to be FLUXX DICE my little brain cell started wondering "how are they going to turn Fluxx into a dice game?". I knew that there was a Fluxx Board game, because a) I have it and b) I play it a lot and c) I like it and so I have it and therefore play it a lot and it is very much a representation of Fluxx the card game, only with a board. So my mond was spinning and boggling at the same time.

Then the day came when the postman brought me a small, very lightweight package. I ripped the wrapping to shreds as I had a good idea of what was in that package though the weight (or lack of it) was now sending mini messages to my poor overworked brain. On opening the package and reading the small print on the Fluxx Dice box I found it was an expansion to the Fluxx universe of games rather than a new Fluxx game with dice rather than cards. 

Inside the box, which reverts back to the original black & white style of Fluxx box, there are two dice, one black and one white (hence the box art rather than the retro aspect, but never mind) and five cards. The initial dice roll decides the number of cards to play and draw. The Black die is for the number Drawn and the White die for the number to be played, basically giving the dice the same game changes as the draw/play New Rules cards have. The Black "Draw" Dice has six sides and is Draw 1 - 6 depending on the side rolled. The White "Play" Dice is six sided and has four sides as Play 1, 2, 3 or 4 and the two opposite sides remaining are Play ALL and Play ALL-1 basically covering the Fluxx card rules.

Each of the cards is inline with the cards from any regular game of Fluxx (not that any Fluxx game can be called "regular").
BAD LUCK:  is a CREEPER that according to the rules sheet accompanying Fluxx Dice, doesn't prevent you from winning, just makes it harder. However there is nothing on the card that explains what this means and as far as I can tell it is still, for all intense and purpose, a CREEPER that stops you from winning, but perhaps slightly easier to get rid of because of the dice rules. 
DICE OVERRIDE: With "Dice Override" in play the cards that affect Draw and Play now change the results of the dice and are then discarded rather than left face-up as the Dice are now doing their job. Of course "Dice Override" is a New Rule and therefore can be trashed like any other New Rules, just keep the Meta Rule away to one side as Dice Override may well come back into play at some time.
ACTION: ROLL FOR IT: A possibility of some random havoc through the roll of the Draw die.
META RULE: FLUXX DICE: Meta Rule (this is not necessarily a New Rule per se because it is more of an agreement between the players that the Fluxx dice will be involved in this game. The Meta card is placed by the Basic Rules card and like the Basic Rules card it isn't discarded when a New Rule comes into play. Instead there is a New Rule "Dice Override" which is added to the deck when the Meta rule is in play and this New Rule brings the dice into play.

Overall this is quite a neat addition to the Fluxx range but, like the boardgame (which I do like and play) probably not one I would suggest using too often. It's different, it adds a new dimension and a certain amount of extra random craziness to the game, plus it's definitely worth getting if you collect Fluxx games as many players do, but I personally prefer Fluxx with cards just as a card game. Having said that, the name of the game is Fluxx and fluxx means constantly changing; so in the essence of literacy I should be (and am) happy that Fluxx isn't just resting on its laurels and is actually living up to its name. 

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