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The FOREIGN LANGUAGE BLUFFER'S GAME  for Awfully Intrepid Interpreters


FLUMMOXED is another product based on the CALL MY BLUFF genre of word play games. 

The thing about owning a publishing company - in this case OXFORD GAMES Ltd - is that you can happily publish the same games over and again but using slight variations and different themes.

In this incarnation there are 120 large, good quality playing cards and a regular D6 die. The majority of the cards each have six words in a different language along with their English language translation - I say the majority because a few of the cards have one word (or phrase) in British Sign Language - depicted by pictures of hands in various positions.

For players not au fait with the basic rules of a bluffing word game the play goes like this.

1. Decide who will be the Reader first. This is the player who will select, either by choice or by rolling the die, the Foreign word that the other players are to guess the definition of. They take a card and read the word, in as close a proximation as possible to its language, aloud.

2. Then all the players write down what they think the definition of the word is. Each player has a similar piece of paper and a pencil which they use to write down their answers and hand them to the Reader. The Reader uses a similar pencil and paper as the players to write down the correct answer and then shuffles all the sheets of paper together before reading out each answer in turn.

3. The players listen to all the answers, including the real one (which of course they don't know unless they actually speak the Foreign language of the card) and then write down which answer they believe to be the true definition.

4. Once all players have written down their vote they call them out aloud one at a time and the Reader takes note of who voted for which definition. 

5. The Reader then allocates points scored - one point for every vote that got the correct answer and one point to each player whose definitions received votes, one point per vote. 

6. Depending on the number of players you should play a set number of rounds, enough so that every player has equal turns at being the Reader.

Like the majority of Word-Bluff games there is a lot of fun to be had here. We are always in fits of laughter throughout our games, mainly because of our wonderful attempts at speaking in exotic Foreign languages - to anyone listening outside of the game it must have sounded like we were speaking in tongues at times so bad were our accents and pronounciations (even with the occasional game-aid to pronouncing some of the words).

My wonderful Hello in Japanese/Korean/Chinese/Vietnamese/in fact everywhere Far Eastern  "Arro" from numerous James Bond role-play games is world famous amongst players in our very small universe. It's fair to say that although games players like to eat pizza and drink whilst at the table, there isn't one amongst our groups who would dare take a sip of cola or a mouthful of Margherita, while I am the Reader, it just wouldn't be safe.

Whether you play it straight or for fun, Flummoxed is a great ice-breaker to get non-regular-games-players into sitting around a table and enjoying a great way to gain knowledge subconsciously (i.e. without knowing that you are actually learning - wish school had been like this). There are only a few rules to learn, which you will easily do in minutes, and from then on it's all down to the players - the more they put in fun-wise, the more chuckling they will get out (plus, as already mentioned, they/you may learn the occasional new word or phrase to impress your colleagues, friends and family.

FLUMMOXED was developed by Leslie Scott & Sara Finch this game first saw the light of day in 1998 and was revised and reissued in 2015.

For its £23.50 it's a little pricey compared to say BALDERDASH which is in colour, has about 3-4 times the number of question cards, a playing board and player's pieces and yet can be found for between £10.00 upwards if you look around and online. FLUMMOXED isn't BALDERDASH per se but it does use a very similar game mechanic and basic idea. It could be, I suppose, perhaps, be described as BALDERDASH for well-read players, though intelligence isn't really a factor as long as you want to have fun.

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