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A Zoch zum Spielen Children’s Game by Edith Grein-Böttcher 
Designer Edith Grein-Böttcher really knows what children want when it comes to boardgames. She has already had successes with Der Bär ist los, Buddel Bande, Eendje kwaak, Eureka, Pathfinder and  Der Schatz der Inka to name many but not all.
FLOSSEN HOCH loosely translates as High Fins. It is a family fun game of little substance as far as rules and gameplay is concerned, which is exactly how young children like it.
No complications, no complexities, just roll the die and catch a fish, that’s all there is to it.
The fish (card cut-outs) are placed in the ocean so only their tail fins are showing - the board and box make up the ocean.
The fish are either single coloured with colours that match the spots on the die, or they have a rainbow body of all colours.
The players are penguins fishing for their lunch. When they catch the correct fish their penguin pieces are moved around the track - the first to the end is the winner.
When the rolled die shows a red dot the players are trying to capture red fish. When it shows a yellow dot the players are looking to catch yellow fish etc. 
When the die shows a shark all players are trying to catch the largest fish. Fish that have no body, just a skeleton of bones, have no value.
As I have said so many times, Zoch children’s games generally have adult strategies hidden in them, but FLOSSEN HOCH! Is another game in an increasing  catalogue of children’s games for children. I say POO to that. I love and enjoy the children’s games which make me think outside the box.
The trouble is I can’t honestly complain because this is a really good, highly amusing fast and fun game that my grandchildren can enjoy with or without me playing / supervising. They learnt it quickly and enjoy it immensely.
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