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Mounts in Florensia – a friend in need is a friend indeed...

The MMORPG Florensia is back with a huge update — a long-awaited mount feature, new mini bosses, numerous updates to the item system and improvements for Windows 8 users.

Munich, Mar 6th, 2014 – The European online games publisher ProSiebenSat.1 Games is saddling horses in Florensia. Starting immediately, the latest update will allow players of the free-to-play MMORPG to explore this fantastic island paradise on the backs of enchanting mounts. Brand-new mini bosses and new enhancing pieces of equipment have also made their way into this successful Japanese role-playing game.

In future, players will always have two trusty mounts by their side in Florensia. With the lovable Dodo and the majestic Silver Vixen fox, players can now  explore the world of Florensia on the backs of endearing animals. And riding isn’t just an elegant affair in Florensia — these new means of transport considerably increase movement speed, letting players cover greater distances in even shorter amounts of time.

Great beauty hides great danger
Powerful new monsters have been spotted on the scattered isles of the Hoomanil Oceans. When they are defeated, these mini bosses will drop enticing set items, or even cash items. But players won't have it easy when they come up against these tough little creatures. The region around these new bosses has been declared a PvP war zone, and players must first team up and compete successfully against other teams to get their hands on the precious loot.

In addition, the new update allows players to access a brand-new set item system in Florensia. Starting immediately, players can collect and combine new armor sets, weapons and trinkets of the same type to obtain powerful boosts. Sets range from the "Apprentice Set" for all job classes that gives all players a mighty HP boost to the formidable "Droes Set," which will even have high-level players quaking in their boots.

Crafting 2.0 – Forge your own destiny
The production system in Florensia has also been expanded. Players with the secondary classes Weaponsmith, Armorsmith or Goldsmith will be able to craft high-level weapons, armor and trinkets (Lv 61 – 89) after installing the latest update. Also, part-time alchemists can now produce the coveted treasure chests themselves.

This latest update includes technical improvements. Windows 8 users can now run Florensia on their computers without launch issues. ProSiebenSat.1 Games is providing Windows 8 users with an optimized version of the installation software for this purpose.

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About Florensia
Florensia is a completely free Japanese Next Gen MMOG. The game and the support are available in 7 languages in total with a player community spread over both Europe and the United States. Florensia is a 3D Japanese MMOG and with its superb 3D anime style the game shows its legendary worlds ashore  and at sea. Mysterious islands, a big ocean, dungeons, picturesque pirates and dangerous monsters are waiting to be discovered.

About ProSiebenSat.1 Games GmbH
The games publisher ProSiebenSat.1 Games is a subsidiary of the ProSiebenSat.1 Group focusing on the licensing and marketing of online and mobile games, as well as the acquisition of games partners throughout Europe. The company's portfolio includes, among others, S4 League, Maestia and Florensia as well as Europe-wide licenses to several games from Sony Online Entertainment, including DC Universe™ Online, EverQuest® II, PlanetSide® 2, Wizardry Online®, and the sequel to the EverQuest® franchise.

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