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FIND THE PICKLE (and hold onto it) is an irreverent little romp of a fast-paced card game that appears to have been thrown together for a laugh, a laugh that continued from inception to Kickstarter where it was backed by 300% of what was required.

Published by TEAM CUSTARD KRAKEN it is a silly game aimed at Teen-to-Adult who want 10-20 minutes of inane amusement.  Check it out at and/or read the comments on


There are 52 different playing cards plus one How To Play Rules card - 4 rules all on one side, that's all there is. Of the 52 cards, one is The PICKLE, the others each contain different illustrations and unique flavour text, but they are in sets of three as far as Actions go; for example - "Wiki in a Book"  "Mecha Cuddle Toy" and "Plain Old Mirror" have nothing in common graphically, in fact in any other game there is no way any of the threesomes would ever be seen as sets. What makes them threesomes is that their Actions are all worded the same, in the case of the example "Cancel the effects of a card and discard it. Play this anytime."


Being honest, the game looks, feels and plays like a frat-boy-geek flippancy. I envisage the guys sitting around a table, drinking beer and making up the silly names which ended up being the titles of the cards. Maybe they then put their collective heads together and came up with the artwork to fit the names, all the time drinking beer and having fun. Most games players have done similar things after a hard day at a convention or basically at any time when they are relaxed and enjoying the occasional beer or three. The difference is that by the morning most players have gone off the idea and the jokes that they do remember don't seem as funny as they did through beer-ears.

TEAM CUSTARD KRAKEN didn't listen to those tiny semi sober voices in their heads the next morning and instead ploughed ahead with their ideas and designed, created and published their collective impudent sauciness.


The first time we played it the game lasted about 40 odd minutes, mainly because we were reading every word on the cards and enjoying the highly mediocre illustrations (No I couldn't do better, I couldn't even copy well from these cards) of some incredibly amusing ideas, but for a published game it does have amateur appeal and that's possibly its biggest draw. It doesn't depend on highly expensive professional artwork, it doesn't have run-of-the-mill card design where every card with the same Action has the same art, in fact that's another point in its favour, the designers haven't scrimped on the cost of producing 52 different illustrations when 18 pictures were all that were actually required.


As a game there really is nothing to it except some really short term fun. There are 17 (plus the Pickle) Actions and nearly all of them involve the players either gaining or giving cards to their opponents. The luck factor is sky high, the amusement wears off once the players have read and re-read all the cards, and once the comedic value has been removed there is no real game left. In my opinion it isn't a game to be played often unless you can continue to introduce it to new players and then the fun starts all over - even when you know the joke or have seen it a number of times it becomes funny again when new blood is seeing it for the first time.

Having ALL the Rules on just one side of a playing card, and in LARGE text gives you an idea of the complexity and mental depth of FIND the PICKLE. Currently you can find it for sale on Kickstarter at £9.00 including post & packing, then it's up to your local game store to stock it.



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