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Feldherr Carrying Case.

Feldherr carry cases are extremely well made, durable and a good looking piece of kit for any tabletop gamer.

The selection of foam inserts that Feldherr offer is great, and varied, catering to players of all tabletop war-games. They produce foams specifically for X-Wing, Warhammer,  Flames of War and even paints, as well as an amazing offering of standard inserts ranging from half inch to four inch depths, in different configurations of spaces.

There are many types of case and bag on the Feldherr website, from Mini – 32 figure up to 252 figure Hard cases, and even the massive 500 Zombicide figure transporter foams and the bags to hold them.

The pick and pluck sheets were very easy to peel free, and have provided great protection for the larger models I own, and I have found that a medium case, 108 figure bundle, which retails for around 30 Euros, with a two inch pick and pluck sheet, is enough to carry my three Malifaux factions, plus the rule book as the case has a handy front pocket.

The case itself does not have a hard-walled interior like some of its counterparts out there in the market, but as i dont tend to stack anything on top of my mini's cases/bags, i don't see this as an issue. The foam is very good quality, and my figures sat quite nicely in the little pockets, allowing for safe transportation to and from my local games club, what more can you ask of a carry case?

Overall, I would certainly recommend Feldherr cases to my friends and fellow gamers, as they are incredible value for money, sturdy carry cases that get the job done. As and when i need more transport space for figures, i will certainly be going to Feldherr. I would like now to see a hardcase, more for figure storage than for moving them around.

Buy your Feldherr carry cases here.


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