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New instance. Guild fortresses, guild challenges and hard modes for Fate of Arun instances
Karlsruhe, 27/2/2015 – As part of the Fate of Arun update, Gameforge and developers Bluehole Studio have released the next content patch for the action MMORPG TERA. For the first time, this patch gives guilds the opportunity to fight over flying, upgradeable and limited guild fortresses. Flight is also the key word in the newest instance: the Sky Cruiser Endeavor soars over the world of Arborea, offering fresh challenges in two difficulty modes to high-level heroes. In addition, the dungeon added in the first part of the Fate of Arun update, Bathysmal Rise, is being expanded with a hard mode. This new difficulty setting ups the ante significantly, giving end-game content players that extra challenge, with valuable loot beckoning as a reward.

Home Sweet Home
The guild fortresses are an expanded form of housing and can be managed by guild leaders. Using guild points, these structures can be expanded and customised to the players’ desires, whilst NPCs may be placed on the fortress grounds, acting as merchants for the heroes, amongst other things. The necessary points can be earned in the newly introduced leagues, in which guilds can compete against one another in both PvP and PvE modes. At the end of the four-week competitive season, the ten best guilds in each category may put their fortresses on display next to one of the capitals.
In competitive PvP, points can be earned on the battlefields in Fraywind Canyon, Corsairs’ Stronghold, Champions’ Skyring and the guild battles. Players who prefer to focus on PvE content can earn points through various instance challenges.

Only Real Heroes Need Apply
In the new instance, Sky Cruiser Endeavor, players find themselves back on board the airship which brought them to the new continent. Offering new challenges for top level players, groups of heroes must battle their way through the various decks of this flying fortress, before reaching the top deck to face against a winged demon in the final confrontation.

In addition to hard modes for the two Fate of Arun instances, the patch also sees the return of the Channelworks. This dungeon has been adjusted to the new maximum level and holds new dangers in store, as well as better rewards.

About TERA: Fate of Arun
TERA is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) set in a graphically stunning fantasy universe. TERA’s uniqueness revolves around its groundbreaking True Action Combat. This system allows the players to truly master their characters and to aim with no automatic targeting system, thus pushing the boundaries of the MMO genre. Players and press both warmly received TERA, praising its state of the art visuals and notable innovations such as its political system. TERA: Rising has been playable free of charge since February 2013 and is available for download at .
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