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This is a game where you can choose to roam freely around the island, completing the missions or just enjoying the action. There are 12 species of animal/creature (including Dragons) on the island as well as numerous human adversaries.

The game is not a full Far Cry game, thus it is NOT actually Far Cry 3, and nor is it an expansion - it is a one off bonus adventure.

Your main job is to take over the enemy base using different and various actions - stealth, noise, diversion, even pulling a Dragon into your enemies. There are around 10-12 missions in the campaign, some of these opening up as others are
concluded. You have a number of kill skills which when actioned correctly are visibly excellent to perform, so much so that some of them (such as the sneaky knife attack) are so good that you use it too often - basically when a gun would be

You get to drive various vehicles, including skis and hang gliders, each of which uses the same basic controls as walking and running etc. As you would expect your character can also crouch, jump, pick up weapons, items, ammo and equipment, 
survey the area (camera view via right analog stick) change weapon, aim, shoot, throw grenades and cause a whole lot of loud explosive mayhem.

To access the weapon-wheel device you need to press [L2] and hold it for a second or two, then you can select hat you want to use at that moment. Throwing a cyber-heart (ripped from a dead cyber enemy) attracts a dragon and can be used
to influence dragons to attack your enemies.

In general the main FAR CRY games are much better overall, but this is a good fun excursion away from the heavier campaigns. If you are reasonably good at FPS games then you will finish this satisfactorily 


 LONDON, UK – March 6, 2013 – Today, Ubisoft announced the release of a new patch for Far Cry® 3, introducing a number of new features requested by players on both single player and multiplayer modes. The patch is now live for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and Windows PC.

 Based on community feedback gathered by the Far Cry 3 team, the features added or tweaked by this patch are an on-going effort to respond to players and give them more reasons to re-visit Rook Islands, to improve their skills with tougher challenges, and to re-discover the Far Cry 3 world. These new elements include:


-      Outposts reset: after the end of the game, players can choose to reset the liberated outposts to face the challenge to take them over again

-      A new difficulty setting: Players who have completed the campaign can restart the adventure on MASTER difficulty, with more challenging enemies and dangerous wildlife


-      Map Beta Test: Map makers can now start a beta test to monitor how their map is being played using the new spectate feature and regular players are enabled to provide better feedback to help map makers improve their projects.

-      Maps by author: Players will be able to show all the maps created by an author

-      Idle kick: The feature that kicks out idle players during a MP match is removed from custom and private matches

-      The Skip map voting system has been improved with more visibility and time to cast the vote

-      A new mini-game called The Grid has been added to the Outpost website and smartphone apps.

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